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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
based on a variety of logistics knowhow and high-tech system.

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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
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CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.
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Beyond No.1 The Global SCM Innovator

CJ Logistics provides an integrated service across its supply chain with customers all over the world, which is not limited to logistics. Based on continuous changes and innovation, CJ Logistics improves client companies’ process and maximizes customers’ value.

CL (Contract Logistics)
A logistics activity to be consigned and act as a proxy any or all supply chains ranging from procurement of raw materials to consumption of finished goods
A logistics activity to mobilize transport means for international trading freights on behalf of a person who conducts the trade, perform international transport and deliver the freight to the final destination in connection to CL business
What is Logistics?
Logistics refers to any and all activities that enable raw/intermediate materials and finished goods to flow from origins to end-using places, encompassing the entire material circulation and any related activities including but not limited to transport; unloading; storage; distribution, processing and packing; and relevant information technology (IT), etc.
Parcel service / international express
A service to receive a transport of small parcel or package by an individual or a company and deliver the parcel or package to the destination via a variety of transport means
Maritime transport
A service business to create temporal and spatial efficiency by transporting freight and/or passengers by ship in the ocean
Any and all works, or any related affairs to load/unload freight from a ship at harbor and to put in/out of the freight into/from warehouse or unloading place
Environmental business Oil marketer business
Car repair / special vehicle business Moving service
SCM Solution
Designed to provide an innovative logistics solution that can precisely diagnose the management environment of client companies and the supply chain on an entire basis, and epochally improve operation outcomes