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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
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CJ Logistics has applied the hollow fiber membrane with pores of 0.4㎛ to the activated sludge process having high concentration MLSS and removed organisms and separated microorganisms, successfully generating high purity feed water in 1997. It is called ‘SMAS Method (Submerged type Membrane Aeration System), which CJ Logistics has been applying to various sewage/ wastewater discharge facilities including restaurants, golf courses, accommodations, large-scale sewage treatment facilities, factories to produce foods, confectionary goods, pickled radish and imchi, and livestock wastewater discharge facilities, and dyeing wastewater facilities.
The SMAS method is to remain a stable water quality (BOD 3ppm, SS 1ppm and below) through the highly effective removal of BOD and the perfect solidliquid separation of separating membrane by the high concentration activated MLSS(5,000~12,000mg/L), which is a new technology to process massive volume only with a simple device, cost less installation and maintenance expenses, and needs no separate management thanks to automation. To that end, SMAS method has been given favorable comments at home and abroad.

In addition, the continuous R&D resulted in the HANT method, a new technology that shows the high removal rate of BOD and SS which is the advantage of the existing SMAS method and can further remove nitrogen and even phosphorus at the same time, which processes massive volume of sewage water. This is a high-tech new
environmental technology which helps stably respond to more and more strengthened water quality criteria in the future, and was registered as a patent and a new design for practical use. As well, this technology has acquired the Certificate of New Environment Technology and the Verification Certificate of Environment Technology by the Ministry of Environment for the first time in Korea as a domestic membrane separation method. Both of the methods HANT and SMAS have drawn lots of attention and interests from customers and applied for various types of water treatment facilities’ design and construction. In recent, CJ Logistics has possessed the most number of performances of membrane separation in Korea.

image construction method introduction

image construction method introduction

image construction method introduction

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