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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
based on a variety of logistics knowhow and high-tech system.

Business Sector

  • 사업개요
  • Contract Logistics
  • Forwarding
  • Stevedoring
  • Shipping
  • Parcel/Express
  • SCM Solutions
  • Various Bussiness
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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
  • Global Network
CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.


CJ Logistics not only performs general export/import logistics of freight but also proceeds all-directional air-forwarding business such as customs clearance, warehouse operation, packing, transport of special materials – semiconductor equipments, LCDs, precise devices – and World Cup/Olympics/overseas performance and exhibition, etc., as well as comprehensive logistics services such as international parcel delivery, commercial document delivery, third party logistics at home and abroad, and VMI.

CJ Logistics has initiated a agent transport service of export freight by aircraft for the first time in Korea and accumulated logistics knowhow for 80 years, which is the basis to develop and grow a variety of specialized services on a continuous basis and to provide customized service with customers. The company has established a global network connecting 150 major cities all around the world and a effective consulting system and its own online system fit for the global SCM environment, presenting differentiated logistics solutions in sectors such as export/import, customs clearance, domestic delivery, and warehouse inventory management. CJ Logistics is trying its best to contribute to efficiency improvement and cost reduction of customers..

CJ Logistics air-forwarding provision service

CJ Logistics air-forwarding provision service

  • air freight
  • sea & air connection service
  • packing/palleting, warehousing, customs clearance/bonded products transport
  • shipping insurance
  • report submission (pre-alert, lead time, performance, tonnage report, daily/weekly/monthly report, etc.)
  • export consolidation (export wholesaler)
  • urgent freight shipping service
  • air export/import cargo handling service
  • unique transport service
  • point-to-point service

Characteristics and strong points of CJ Logistics air-forwarding service

Characteristics and strong points of CJ Logistics air-forwarding service

  • acquired Korea’s first license to handle customs clearance in 1980
  • accumulated air cargo handling knowhow for as many as 35 years
  • a global network connecting 150 major cities all around the world
  • adopts a freight tracing system via RFID
  • operates Incheon-departing and China-departing Re-consolidation system via Incheon Int’l hub
  • accumulated export/import transport knowhow learnt from global enterprises including conglomerates