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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
based on a variety of logistics knowhow and high-tech system.

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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
  • Global Network
CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.


CJ Logistics provides an en bloc transport service by integrating maritime transport equipments (self-propelling ship, barge), infrastructure (stevedoring pier), and specialized inland transport equipments (transporter, etc.) for the purpose of carrying plant freight, special cargo and super heavy cargo at home and abroad. The company provides not only a customized service based on a strategic partnership signed with a specialized shipper for heavy and special cargos at home and abroad depending on the clients’ lead time, but also stable logistics service based on the experience in transporting construction equipments and performing projects.

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En bloc transport service of project cargo (super heavy cargo, bulk freight, etc.)

En bloc transport service of project cargo (super heavy cargo, bulk freight, etc.)

  • CJ Logistics presents an optimized transport fee fit for the features of project cargo by analyzing the status of software (customs clearance, laws and regulations, and practices) and hardware (on-site transport methods and paths) of a destination country.

Scope of service provision

Scope of service provision

  • to pack export/import freight fit for freight features and secure transport means
  • to conduct surveys on departure/arrival spots (acquirement of license/permit/approval; establishment of transport plan)
  • to provide an optimal transport and cargo storage; on-site customs clearance and inland transport (on foundation)
  • to secure a transport means by cargo feature (full container; general bulk vessel; heavy lift carrier)