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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
based on a variety of logistics knowhow and high-tech system.

Business Sector

  • 사업개요
  • Contract Logistics
  • Forwarding
  • Stevedoring
  • Shipping
  • Parcel/Express
  • SCM Solutions
  • Various Bussiness
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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
  • Global Network
CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.

Contract Logistics

CJ Logistics possesses Korea’s largest inland logistics network and infrastructure as well as directly-managing equipments optimized to a variety of cargos and freight.

The company is capable to transport 35,000 tons of general cargo and 1,000 TEU of containers en bloc based on more than 10,000 equipments that it is equipped with including freight cars, dump trucks, trackers, as well as a variety of trailers, cranes, and payloaders. Furthermore, the company has experienced in transporting various cargos and freight, and accumulated lots of logistics transport knowhow and possessed the latest logistics IT system; thus, it is realizing reduction of time and cost for customers. In particular, the company provides a reasonable transport path, which is called a logistics network only CJ Logistics has, in order to perform a responsible transport without permitting any error.CJ Logistics transports cargos and freight from any and all industries ranging from policy materials that are basis of domestic industries such as fertilizers, rice and smokeless coal to raw materials for manufacturers and goods, and further to large and heavy chemical industries and heavy freight in relation to automobile, shipbuilding, steel and electric generation and plant industries.

Overland transport

  • Automobile logistics
  • Steel logistics

  • Mineral logistics
  • Paper logistics

  • Heavy Freight transport
  • Fertilizer logistics

  • Fodder logistics
  • Rice logistics

  • Moving logistics
  • Military supplies logistics

    Automobile logistics

  • Possesses Korea’s largest directly-managing infrastructure in relation to automobiles including transport equipments, warehouses, and port facilities
  • Operates any and all procedures of automobile logistics from parts procurement, product packing and loading/unloading for export/import
  • As a part of LLP works, puts in materials procured at home and abroad
  • Performs unloading of fully built automobiles, transport of KD export containers, and transport/delivery of A/S parts sales

    Steel logistics

  • Possesses the infrastructure (pier and open-storage area) and special equipments (cranes, forklift, SPU) to perform steel logistics
  • Possesses the capability to perform export/importing logistics of raw materials and finished goods
  • Operates plants in Pohang and Gwangyang and performs a third logistics affairs for imported raw materials and exporting products, and steel products to be used at home including ferrous and nonferrous metal types

    Mineral logistics

  • Possesses open-storage area where dust is prevented from flying, warehouses, LLC, and special equipments including unloaders, hooks, and etc.
  • Performs logistics service such as stevedoring and storage of fuels and raw materials for petrochemistry, city gas, and cogeneration plant

    Paper logistics

  • Operates a logistics process specialized in paper including procurement of raw materials and products, transport and delivery, and operation of logistics center
  • Provides a one-stop logistics service via pape logistics center with an optimal logistics system

    Heavy Freight transport

  • Transports plant facilities, container cranes, ship blocks, shipbuilding tools and materials, and fresh-water facilities
  • Possesses unrivaled business capability thanks to professionals with expertise as well as special equipments including multi module trailers and ships for heavy freight only
  • Provides differentiated service based on nationwide infrastructure and harbor logistics network

    Fertilizer logistics

  • Establishes the system to transport and store in bulk on a timely basis via railroad and inland stronghold network operated on a nationwide basis
  • Operates a systematic distribution and transport system connecting fertilizer logistics operation knowhow related to railroad, inland transport, maritime transport, and inland operation to the Korea’s largest logistics infrastructure

    Fodder logistics

  • Provides the best logistics service such as stevedoring, storage, and inventory management of imported fodder materials via the domestic major ports and unloading infrastructure facilities
  • Provides the optimized logistics service ranging from electric release in connection to stevedoring to loading in order to transport the materials even to the nationwide fodder plants

    Rice logistics

  • Handles 6 fields en bloc – transport of government rice by trucks, stevedoring, maritime transport, storage, railroad transport, and transport of packing materials
  • Performs any and all activities ranging from receipt of rice and accompanying materials from a designated location to transport/deliver of such at a destination

    Moving logistics

  • Performs moving of a variety of businesses including offices, public institutions, factories, hospitals, colleges, institutes, newspapers, and etc.
  • Provides a large-scale moving service on a safe, rapid basis thanks to lots of its experiences and accumulated knowhow

    Military supplies logistics

  • Transports military supplies including vehicles (tank, armored car, self-propelled gun, submarine, etc.), weapons and other equipments
  • Performs base unloading of land defense-related supplies and FMS (Foreign Military Sales), unloading/transport of commercial materials, and maritime/air transport of overseas dispatched troops and resupplies