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CJ korea express will become a reliable partner 
to provide a differentiated service of logistics competitiveness 
based on a variety of logistics knowhow and high-tech system.

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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
  • Global Network
CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.

Contract Logistics

CJ Logistics operates complex logistics terminals with the Korea’s largest stronghold logistics facilities in Metropolitan District, Yeongnam District, Honam District, Jungbu District, and other regions.

Located in a convenient spot with high-tech facilities, CJ Logistics complex logistics terminals are characterized by both promptness of railroad and rapidity of inland transport, enabling to transport freight on a three-dimensional, systematic basis. Those terminals are situated at a node of transportation, which is considered effective to build inter-regional delivery network; are equipped with a variety of logistics facilities such as delivery centers and freight handling places, etc., enhancing the efficiency of the whole sectors of logistics including loading/unloading, storage, and assembly/processing, etc. CJ Logistics possesses an area of 150,000 pyeongs (495,000 square meters) nationwide, where a total of 130 warehouses are located including general warehouses, dangerous substances warehouses, chilled/frozen warehouses, circulation/processing warehouses, etc., with the optimized facilities for logistics storage and high-tech technologies adopted. The company utilizes its Warehouse Management System (WMS), Radio Frequency (RF) System, temperature monitoring system for cold storage, and CCTV to provide stable services ranging from input, storage, to output, and customized circulation and processing services with each customer.


Scope of service provision

    Scope of service provision

  • manages input/output and inventory to operate various-shaped warehouses and maintain optimized condition fit for product properties
  • manages integrated logistics ranging from input, inventory to output and delivery by adopting WMS and RF system
  • manages food and beverage, and processed meat on a systematic basis checking manufacture dates and expiration dates, etc.
  • manages input/output and real-time inventory by location on a quick, exact basis by designing a scientific layout
  • provides circulation and processing services including gift sets, planned products, packing service, product inspection and repacking, and labeling, etc.

Benefits due to CJ Logistics complex logistics terminals

    01 Customized service

  • It provides customized facilities for customers’ logistics properties. In particular, customers can use customized facilities even in special warehouse sectors such as document archives, storages, chilled/frozen warehouses, etc.

    02 Standardized design

  • The facilities are designed according to standardized ones, which is useful to automate and mechanize customers’ logistics.

    03 Various rental products and benefits

  • There are a variety of rental products fit for customers’ logistics properties; and if using lots of facilities, customers can use them at a discount price.

    04 Cost reduction

  • Complex logistics terminals are applied industrial electricity rates, helping electric charges saved compared to general logistics facilities

    05 Pleasant working environment

  • Complex logistics terminals have their surroundings with green area and neighborhood living facilities, and ecological parts, etc., help customers enhance performance efficiency.

    06 Easy handling of large heavy freight

  • Complex logistics terminals provide large-scale CY and bonded/customs clearance service en bloc within its ICD, enabling customer to handle large-scale bonded freight easily.

    07 Reduction in transport cost

  • Since IFT is directly connected to ICD within the complexes, the secondary transport fees do not arise in case of complex transportation.

    08 Discounted railroad fares

  • If using a railroad transport service within ICD, customers are benefited from discounted railroad fare; and further reduce the fares in case of transporting by block train

    09 Perfect support for transport system

  • Complex logistics terminals have lots of traffic volume of trucks; there’re equipped with repair centers, gas stations, and car washing yards for more convenience.

    10 Perfect safety and security

  • Complex logistics terminals operate self-controlling system and are further monitored by specialized security companies, protecting customers’ properties via regular inspection of facilities, fire-fighting drills, and safety education supporting services.

Status of CJ Logistics’ complex logistics terminals

  • Gunpo Complex Logistics Terminal picture
  • Gunpo Complex Logistics Terminal

  • Yangsan Complex Logistic Terminal picture
  • Yangsan Complex Logistic Terminal

  • Jangseong Complex Logistics Terminal picture
  • Jangseong Complex Logistics Terminal

  • Jungbu Complex Logistics Terminal picture
  • Jungbu Complex Logistics Terminal

    Gunpo Complex Logistics Terminal

  • an optimal stronghold for transport/delivery in metropolitan area
  • excellent connectivity to Incheon Harbor and Incheon Int’l Airport
  • Easy entry into Gyeongbu/Seohaean Highways

    Yangsan Complex Logistic Terminal

  • hinterland logistics complex for export/import at Busan Harbor
  • a delivery stronghold in Yeongnam District at the same time
  • easy entry into Gyeongbu/Namhae/Jungbu Highways

    Jangseong Complex Logistics Terminal

  • largest logistics facility in Honam area
  • excellent connectivity to Gunsan Port, Mokpo Port and Gwangyang Port
  • easy entry into Honam/Gochang-Jangseong Highways

    Jungbu Complex Logistics Terminal

  • easy connection to major cities nationwide
  • adjacent location to Daejeon Metropolitan City, Cheonan City, and Sejong City
  • excellent connectivity to Dangjin Port and Pyeongtaek Port

Status of CJ Logistics’ complex logistics terminals map