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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (CJ Logistics homepage)

CJ Logistics seriously values personal information of users and complies with applicable laws and regulations including the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
Pursuant to its privacy policy, CJ Logistics informs users of how and for what the personal information that they provide is used and which action is taken to protect the information.
This Privacy Policy is a regulation applying to the personal information collected via CJ Logistics homepage (URL insertion), and the regulation applying to the personal information otherwise collected via CJ Logistics parcel service homepage for parcel delivery and other business purpose is posted on CJ Logistics parcel service homepage (parcel service homepage URL insertion).
This Privacy Policy has the contents as follows:

1. Collecting items and the purpose to collect/use personal information

CJ Logistics collects and uses minimum personal information necessary to identify users for homepage and logistics service use and respond to them related to user inquiry in accordance with a legal and fair means.
The items of personal information to be collected, and the purpose of such collection and use are as follows:
-Items of personal information to be collected: name, email, telephone number
-Purposes to collect and use personal information ① user identification for logistics service request and use
② user identification for notification, online customer counseling/offer, confirmation of fact relevance, and information of processing results
③ Identity confirmation for recruitment of parcel agency, parcel courier, and personal business car

2. Retention/use period of personal information and its method of destruction

CJ Logistics shall destroy appropriate personal information promptly after achieving the purpose to collect such information.
Destruction of personal information shall be subject to the following methods:
-personal information printed out on paper: destruction by shredder or incineration
-personal information stored electronically: deletion of personal records by a technical method by which they cannot be reproduced

3. Provision of personal information

CJ Logistics shall not provide personal information with any third party; provided that, however, if it is forced under applicable laws and regulations, the company may disclose such information without consent of the user.

4. Consignment of collected personal information

CJ Logistics consigns the works such as homepage management and computational processing, customer counseling and CS processing to an agent for the purpose of smooth and efficient provision of service.

Consignment of collected personal information
Consigned work Agency Scope of consignment Shared information
Homepage management and
computational processing
CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd. Homepage management and marketing;
computational information processing
and system maintenance/management
Entire personal information
Customer information and CS CJ Telenix Co., Ltd. Operation of Customer Center (Call Center);
survey for counseling service quality evaluation
Entire personal information

5. Chief manager and staff in charge of managing personal information

In order to protect users’ personal information and process complaints related to such information, CJ Logistics appoints a chief manager and staff in charge of managing personal information. If you have any question related to personal information, please contact the following competent persons and they will respond to your on a quick and sincere basis.

Chief manager and staff in charge of managing personal information
Chief manager in charge
of managing personal information
Competent staff in charge
of managing personal information
Name: Jeong Tae-yeong
Dept.: Information Strategy Office
e-Mail: CJGLS@cjgls.com
TEL: 1588-5353 / 1588-1255
FAX: 02-870-6660
Name: Oh Yeong-taek
Dept.: IT Planning Team
e-Mail: oyt025@cj.net
TEL: 1588-5353 / 1588-1255
FAX: 02-870-6660

It is available to counsel during 09:00~17:00 from Monday to Friday
(weekend and holiday excluded).

If you request an e-mail or fax counseling,
we will try to respond to it within 24 hours after the receipt
(weekend and holidays, and national holidays excluded).

If there’s a necessity to counsel for any other personal information,
you may contact the KISA Privacy Infringement Report Center and the Korea
Information Protection Mark Certification Commission.

6. Methods to read, revise, and withdraw the agreement to use, personal information

CJ Logistics restrains from collecting the personal information of juveniles aged 14 or below.
Users can read, revise, and withdraw the agreement to use, their personal information registered at all times. If you desires to read, revise, and withdraw the agreement to use, your personal information please contact Voice of Customer online or call Customer Center (1588-5353 or 1588-1255) and we will take appropriate measures after user identification without delay.
If a user requests a revision of his/her wrong personal information, the company do not use or provide such information until the revision is completed. In addition, if such wrong personal information is provided to a third party, the company will take measures to notify such third party without delay to revise such information.
In this case, however, that the company may restraint from reading and revising personal information:
① if it is likely to significantly damage life, body, property and/or privilege of the person in question or a third party;
② if it is likely to significantly interfere with the affairs of the appropriate service provider; or
③ if it is likely to violate any applicable laws and regulations.

7. Collection of personal information by Cookie

CJ Logistics operates Cookie for convenience of homepage users. Cookie refers to a small text file that a website sends to user’s web browser and is stored in user’s PC.
CJ Logistics uses Cookie for the following purposes:
① to use as a scale for target marketing and service rearrangement by analyzing users’ access frequency and visiting hours and understanding users’ taste and interested fields;
② to use as materials to grant a differentiated application opportunity to and provide distinct information with each user according to individual interested field by grasping users’ participation rate and visiting frequency to various events conducted by CJ Logistics; and
③ to use for the purpose of grasping whether a user requests ‘Not to View’ a pop-up information or not.
A user possesses the right to select whether Cookie to be installed; thus he/she can permit all Cookies, require confirmation whenever Cookie is stored, or reject storing any Cookie by setting a web browser set-up menu. In this case, however, if a user rejects to install Cookie, he/she may be restrained from using services.
1) How to designate whether Cookie is permitted (in case of using Internet Explorer)
① Select [Internet Option] on [Tool Menu].
② Click [Personal Information] tab.
③ Set [Level of Personal Information Protection].
2) How to view Cookie received (in case of using Internet Explorer)
① Click [Tool] on the task bar.
② Select [Internet Option].
③ Click [Setting] on [General tab] (this is a basic tab).
④ Select [View File].

8. Technical and managerial countermeasures for privacy protection

1) Technical Countermeasure
When handling users’ personal information, CJ Logistics considers the following technical countermeasures for the purpose of securing safety with personal information not to be missed, stolen, leaked, forged, or distorted.
CJ Logistics uses Cookie for the following purposes:
① Users’ personal information is protected via password and important data is further protected via separate security functions including file/sending data encoding or file locking.
② CJ Logistics takes appropriate countermeasures to prevent the information from damaged by any computer virus via vaccine programs. Vaccine program is periodically updated and if an unknown virus appears in a sudden, the company provides an appropriate vaccine right after it is developed to prevent personal information from infringed.
③ CJ Logistics adopts a security tool by which personal information in the network can be sent on a safe basis via a encoding algorism.
④ CJ Logistics is trying its best to maintain security against external intrusion such as hacking, via installments of intrusion blocking system and vulnerability analysis system, etc.
2) Managerial Countermeasure
① CJ Logistics limits only a minimum number of personnel to access users’ personal information. They are as follows:
   a. personnel to perform marketing affairs in direct contact with users;
   b. personnel to perform personal information management including a chief manager and staff in charge of personal information; and
   c. personal to inevitably handle personal information in course of performing his/her duty
② CJ Logistics makes its personnel who handle personal information be acquired new security technology and educated privacy protection duty, etc. on a regular basis via in-house and external consigned training and education.
③ CJ Logistics makes its employees fill in a security declaration form before they join the company in order to prevent from information leaked by person in advance and to provide for an internal procedure for the purpose of auditing what to perform in relation to privacy policy and whether the employees comply with the policy.
④ The procedure to take over the affairs of personnel who handle personal information is thoroughly complied with under confidentiality; and the company specifies the responsibilities related to personal information leakage cases after entering/retiring from the company.
⑤ Personal information is stored individually from general data in a separate server.
⑥ Computing room and archives are to be set as a special protection zone with only authorized person permitted to access.
⑦ CJ Logistics shall not liable for any matter arising from users’ personal mistake or an intrinsic risk that the internet has.
⑧ Any missing, leakage, forge, or distortion of personal information attributable to a mistake caused by an internal manager or an event caused on a technical management basis shall be notified to an appropriate user by CJ Logistics which will comes up with a proper countermeasure and compensation.

9. Counseling and reporting related to infringement of personal information

If you need to report or counsel in relation to personal information infringement, please contact the chief manager in charge of managing personal information by e-mail or phone, or inquire the KISA Personal Information Infringement Report Center, a public agency under the Ministry of Information and Communication.
[Personal Information Infringement Report Center]
Tel: (02) 1366
URL: http://www.1366.or.kr
[Information Protection Mark Certification Commission]
Tel: (02) 580-0553~4
URL: http://www.eprivacy.or.kr

10. Duty of notification according to policy change

This Privacy Policy was enacted as of October 17, 2005 and entirely revised on February 1, 2013; and where any part of the policy should be added, deleted or revised according to any revision of the government laws and regulation, or any change in security technology, or any other reason, a pop-up window to inform such matter will be displayed with such revision reason and revised contents at least 10 days before the revision comes into effect.

Privacy Policy version: v2.0
Effective date of the policy: Oct. 17, 2005
Final revision date of the policy: Feb. 1, 2013-03-10