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Operation & Management Policy for Image Information Device

1. Ground and purpose to install image information processing device
a. Installation according to: Article 25(1) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (restriction on installing and operating image information processing devices)
b. Installation purpose:
  • - Facility security and fire prevention
  • - Crime prevention
2. Number and location of devices to be installed; and scope of recording
• Number of devices to be installed: See the signs attached in each working place.
• Location of devices to be installed and scope of recording: Exterior of buildings and its surroundings; interior lobby; and entrance, etc.
3. Chief manager and authorized person to access
Persons in charge of protecting personal image information are appointed to protect visitors’ image information and to process complaints related to such image information as follows:
  • • Division: Chief manager
  • • Title: Management team leader and others
  • • Contact: 02-3782-0114
4. Recording hours, retention period, storage, and processing methods of image information
  • • Recording hours: 24 hours
  • • Retention period: different from each working place
  • • Storage: security office and others
  • • How to process: to write down and manage the matters in relation to the use of personal image information for any purpose other than the intended purposes, and the request by a third party to provide, destroy and/or read the information; and if the retention period expires, the appropriate information is permanently deleted in a method by which it cannot be restored (printed-out information is shredded or incinerated).
5. How to identify personal image information and its storage
When you desires to identify personal image information, please contact the chief manager in charge of managing the information in advance and then visit the company.
6. Countermeasures to requests such as reading the image information by the information subject
When desiring to read, confirm its existence, or delete your personal image information, you can request it to the company at any times. In this case, however, the request is limited to the personal image information in which you are shot, and any other personal image information that is promptly necessary to protect life, body and property of an information subject on an explicit basis.
Upon the request of reading, confirming the existence of, or deleting personal image information, the company will review such request and ten take necessary measures without delay; and otherwise, if such request is inevitably rejected, the company will notify the reason.
7. Measures to secure image information
The company protects customers’ image information via our security system such as closed networks and firewall, etc. In addition, the company limits a minimum number of personnel to access appropriate image information to protect the information and continues to educate the personnel. In order to restrain the personnel from handling personal image information at their discretion, the company writes down and manages the purpose and time to read personal image information and designates the storage for such information as a security zone with only pre-authorized persons permitted to access.
8. Revision of the policy on the operation and management of image information processing devices
Where any part of the policy should be added, deleted or revised according to any revision of the applicable laws and regulation, or any change in security technology, or any other reason, such matter will be informed via our homepage displaying such revision reason and revised contents at least 7 days before the revision comes into effect.