World’s most admired company, CJ Logistics is actively involved in global standard CRS and CSV activities.

Sustainability report and policy

  • 썸네일 이미지

    CJ大韩通运 2021可持续发展报告

  • 썸네일 이미지

    CJ大韩通运 2019-2020可持续发展报告

  • CJ大韩通运 2018-2019可持续发展报告

    CJ大韩通运 2018-2019可持续发展报告

  • CJ大韩通运 2017-2018可持续发展报告

    CJ大韩通运 2017-2018可持续发展报告

  • CJ大韩通运 2016-2017可持续发展报告

    CJ大韩通运 2016-2017可持续发展报告

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