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CJ Logistics USA, established in 1974


  • 43Vehicles

  • 74Equipments

  • 12Warehouses

CJ Logistics USA, established in 1974, operates in 16 locations in the U.S. with total logistics services including transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding and international parcel, and specializes in end-to-end supply chain solution in Tire, Military and CPG industries.

  • 2017CI changed to CJ Logistics USA Corporation
  • 2014Korea Express USA and CJ GLS America merged to CJ Korea Express USA Corp.
  • 2012CJ Group acquired Korea Express;  Korea Express USA HQ transferred to LA from NJ
  • 2008CJ GLS America established
  • 2006Started IPS business; opened Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle branches
  • 1981HQ transferred to NJ from NY
  • 1976NY and LA branches opened 
  • 1974established Korea Express USA, mainly providing freight forwarding, HHDG and defense military weapons transportation services


CJ Logistics runs for the global logistics market leadership. CJ Logistics challenges for the World's No.1 service provider over being best in Korea.

CJ Logistics USA
18805 S Laurel Park Rd, Rancho Dominguez CA 90220

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