Business 3 Secrets of Special Craft Beer Taste, Quality and Cold Chain
2019. 07. 23

A cold beer to cool down the hot summer! When you drink the ice cold beer, the heat that surrounds the whole body cools down and it is often said “the happiness of everyday life”.

What kind of beer do you like? Do you have a favorite craft beer brand that fits your taste? Craft beer, also known as house beer, is produced in small quantities in a small brewery with beer ingredients (malt, hops, yeast) and sub-ingredients (fruit, chocolate, vegetables, etc.). Moreover, beer is born with unlimited combination of taste depending on how they work on fermentation and aging.

A wide variety of beers for each individual taste

As various flavor of beer becomes available and there are many beers to choose from, the craft beer market is growing rapidly. In particular, the craft beer market in China and Korea is at the beginning stage, but its market share is growing and maintaining 40 ~ 60% growth annually.


[ Source : 'Amazing Brewing Company' Instagram ]

The competitiveness of craft beer is 'cold chain'

Due to popularity of craft beer increases, interest in ‘brewery’ beer manufacturing plant and ‘cold chain’ refrigerated distribution network is also increasing. Brewery produces the best taste of craft beer, it is because of the cold chain that maintains its quality.

To preserve the taste and flavor of craft beer, it must remain cool from the moment it is produced. Especially, sunlight is a fatal obstacle. It changes the flavor and aroma of craft beer by altering the yeast and hops.

The sunlight should be blocked completely and the temperature should be maintained between 2 and 10 degrees, so that the original flavor and aroma of craft beer can be delivered to consumers. It is the cold chain that keeps the connection between the makers' efforts until they are delivered to the consumers.

CJ Logistics uses the best cold chain know-how, technology and infrastructure accumulated based on food products distribution to convey the fresh taste and flavor of craft beer to consumers. CJ Logistics utilizes cold storage, transportable refrigerated vehicles and a stabilized cold chain network to deliver the best qualified craft beer produced from breweries in the shortest time possible.

The appearance of brewers who constantly strive for fresh taste and quality make its ways toward cold chain distribution war. Beer lovers who enjoy the fresh taste and quality of craft beer are getting more fun.

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