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Sponsored by CJ Logistics, ‘CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship 2019’ opens on Apr. 27th 2019-07-03
- Opening race to be held on Apr. 27th at Yongin Everland Speedway... 9 races planned over 6 months
- Races will be held in five categories and 8 Classes including Super 6000, GT, BMW M, the RADICAL Cup

Sponsored by CJ Logistics, the largest motorsport festival in Korea, ‘CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship 2019’, holds the season’s opening race from the 27th to 28th for a total of 9 rounds of pure racing.

CJ Logistics revealed on the 14th that ‘CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship 2019’ is set to begin its opening race of the season at Yongin Everland Speedway on April 27th. A total of nine races are planned over six months by October 27th, to take place in the most renowned circuits in Korea including Everland Speedway (Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do), Korea International Circuit (KIC) (Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do), and Inje Speedium (Inje-gun, Gangwon-do).

In the 2019 season, SuperRace Championship will host 8 classes of stimulating racing in 5 different categories. MINI Challenge Korea (Cooper JCW, Cooper S, and Cooper Lady) and RADICAL Cup Asia are newly added in addition to the existing 6000 Class, GT Class (GT1, GT2), and BMW M Class.

On the 27th, as the opening race of the first round, four categories will be showcased: Super 6000, GT, BMW M, and the RADICAL Cup. Only stock cars are allowed to race in the highest level of SuperRace, Super 6000 Class. SuperRace Championship offers Asia’s only stock car race, which is the highest class race that involves top racers both Korea and overseas.

For GT Class, stock cars that have been modified to meet the rules of the competition are allowed to enter. In this race, wild and spontaneous movements from familiar vehicles are sure to induce thrills. It’s attracting attention as those cars may have been driven by many people. This season, races will be categorized by the engine displacement into GT1 and GT2 Class.

BMW M Class debuted in last year’s SuperRace is a one-make race that only allows the BMW M4 Coupe. The RADICAL Cup is a race driven by the SR1 models that are produced by the British high-performance sports car company RADICAL. The SR1 is equipped with the 1,300 cc inline four-cylinder engine with 182-horsepower that boasts of being able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.6 seconds, reaching maximum speed of 222km/h. It enters SuperRace for the first time this year.

CJ Logistics has been serving as the title sponsor of SuperRace since 2016, which is the largest racing sports competition in Korea, in order to spread the rapidly-growing corporate image as a global logistics company to the world through the racing machine’s state-of-the-art technology and the dynamic nature of motorsports.

As the main sponsor of the championship, CJ Logistics is also directly supporting ‘CJ Logistics Racing’. The team is also participating in this year’s SuperRace. As the nation’s foremost racer who set a personal participation record of 100 official races, Hwang Jinwoo is doubling up as manager and racer. It will be interesting to watch his chemistry at work with two new recruits, Lee Jeongu and Kang Jinseong. Lee Jeongu is a young, up-and-coming competitor with racing experience in Japan, who raced in a number of Japanese events as an individual affiliate to show his potential for growth.

“We will provide the attendees with a wide scope of things to see and do, so that motorsports can reach a greater audience. The championship will also be organized successfully to make sure the racers have all they need to do their best,” said a representative from CJ Logistics.

In addition, CJ Logistics has been supporting 8 professional golf athletes since 2016, who are competing in the PGA, including Kim Siu, An Byeonghun, and Kang Seonghun.

CJ Logistics is also pioneering social contribution activities through sports sponsorships. It gives opportunities for local children to experience various cultural events that may not be easily accessible such as races and golf matches, providing hands-on sessions and a chance for the next generation to watch exciting live events.

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