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CJ Logistics hosts ‘The Logistics Olympics’ with participants from 17 countries 2019-06-16
- Employees from all over the world compete for their salesand operating skills… the company awards gold, silver, bronze medals after the competition
-CJ Logistics continues to improve its differentiating capabilities to become a Global Top 5 Logistics Company

CJ Logistics, which is growing into a global logistics companybeyond Korea, held ‘The Logistics Olympic’ where 43 logistics experts from 17 countries compete for their sales and operating skills.

CJ Logistics announced on June 16 that the company hosted'CJ Logistics Sales & Operation Competition' event for a week from June 10 to 14.

At this event, 43 global logistics experts from 17 countriespresented their sales and operating cases to compete and only 10 participants were able to move on to the final stage. After the final competition, 1st, 2nd, 3rd places were decided from each sector.

This year, CJ Logistics P&D head division, Assistance Manager,Jae-Woo Park was awarded the gold medal for winning the top prize from the sales sector. China’s CJ Rokin Logistics received silver, and Vietnam’s CJ Gemadept got bronze. From the operating sector, China’s CJ Rokin Logistics, General Manager, Xiao Feng Zhengwas awarded the gold medal. CJ Logistics China HQ, received silver and CJ Logistics W&D Head Division received bronze.

This year, China’s CJ Rokin Logistics received the goldand silver medals from both sales and operating sectors demonstrating its business capabilities and rapid growth.

Assistance Manager, Jae-Woo Park who won the first prizefrom the sales sector, increased the efficiency, profitability and safety by improving the cargo packaging process in the stevedoring business. General Manager, Xiao Feng Zheng who won the first prize form the operating sector, was highly praised for increasingprofitability and maximizing customer satisfaction by expanding the service area from storage of customer goods to sorting, packaging, and delivering.

Assistance Manager, Jae-Woo Park said “The colors of medalsare different, but the colors of our efforts are the same. I think that all the participants in this event are number one. In the future, we are going to try to build mutual capabilities by cooperating with global new family companies.”

General Manager, Xiao Feng Zheng said “It wasn’t just aboutthe competition. It was time for me to make new family like friends. When I go back to China, I’m going to try to spread the ONLYONE Spirit that I learned during the competition.”

At the event, CJ Logistics, Vice Chairman, Keun-Hee Parkalso said “All the participants are the winners today. When you go back to your country, you need to share and develop examples that you learned from this event in order to pursue constant innovation.” He also said that “Let’s try to become a world’s top top-tiercompany by responding to the rapidly changing environment.”

Because employees from all over the world, including thosefrom the United States, China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, are gathered in one place to compete for their skills, this event is also called ‘The Logistics Olympics’. The Winners from both sectors are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. In orderto acquire differentiating capabilities and share outstanding cases from all over the world, the company has been hosting the event since last year.

The slogan of the event was “One Body, One Spirit, Go Together!” and 43 people from 17 other countries competed in this event. Especially this year, additional new family companies Vietnam’s No.1 logistics company CJ Gemadept and DSC Logistics from the U.S. were able to join the event.

Currently, CJ Logistics is operating in 37 countries, 148cities and 266 worksites. CJ Logistics has been aggressively making M&A deals throughout the world and expanding its networks to become a global logistics company. The company also tries to innovate the logistics industry by utilizing advanced TES (Technology,Engineering, System & Solution) capabilities, and customized consulting services. In the first quarter of this year, CJ Logistics’ global sales reached 1.22 trillion won, exceeding 42 percent of the total.

CJ Logistics has been supporting its employees by runningvarious language, job training, leadership, and other education programs. The company also has been hosting various global events to share its global business strategies and logistics experiences.

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