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Compliance Management

We strive for transparent and fair trading practices and a culture of self-compliance.

Win-Win Coordination Committee


1. Resolving disputes by mediation process

Win-Win Mediation Committee is responsible for collaborative dispute resolutions between CJ Logistics and its business partners. The Committee attempts to reach agreement through amicable negotiations before the parties go into the arbitration stage.

2. Forming strategic integration between CJ Logistics and its partner(s)

Win-Win Mediation Committee undertakes reviews on partner’s complaints or suggestions, and subsequent policy changes and thereby an efficient communication channel can be built between CJ Logistics and its business partners.

Mediation Flow

  • Conflict

    Disputes arise between CJ Logistics & its partner(s).

  • Online Filing

    Partner(s) file an online complaint for counseling.

  • Counseling

    After being notified, parties enter into negotiations.


Case Closed

Parties fulfill their obligations.


Calling a WMC meeting

WMC members fix a meeting date and agenda.

Hearing & Review

WMC holds hearing and review sessions.

Notice of Solution

WMC’s solutions are notified to parties by mail or in-person.


Should no objection, a written agreement is made by and between the parties no later than seven days from the notice.

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