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Compliance Management

We strive for transparent and fair trading practices and a culture of self-compliance.

Win-Win Coordination Committee


  • Win-Win Mediation Committee

    1. Composition
    - Chairperson : Officer of Management Support Division
    - Members : Heads of Management Support Office, Strategy Office and other Divisions
    - Secretary : Head of Legal Team
    2. Duties
    Hear and investigate partners’ complaints, counterarguments and suggestions to set out solutions.
  • Compliance Organization

    1. Compliance Team of Legal Department
    2. Duties
    - Provide necessary supports to Win-Win Mediation Committee
    - Conduct investigations and report to Chairperson

Win-Win Organizing Committee History

Win-Win Mediation Committee ensures CJ Logistics to being connected and to build a win-win relationship with its business partners.


  1. Jun.
    • - Win-Win Mediation Committee is founded.
  2. Jul.
    • - Operating regulations of the Win-Win Mediation Committee is enacted.

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