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Compliance Management

We strive for transparent and fair trading practices and a culture of self-compliance.

Win-Win Coordination Committee

Unfair Business Practices

If you are victimized by unfair business practices of CJ Logistics or its employee(s), we need you to report the un-acceptable. Competent entities will take care of your case fairly and quickly. Your name will not be disclosed. We guarantee that your report will not undermine a sound business relationship between you and CJ Logistics.

We need you to report any unfair incident arising out of or relating to:

  • 1.Intentional delay in furnishing documents
  • 2.Unilateral amendment of contract provisions
  • 3.Arbitrary decision in pricing or discounting
  • 4.Arbitrary termination of contracts
  • 5.Intentionally late payment or excessive overdue
  • 6.Coercive monetary contribution
  • 7.Interfere in business
  • 8.Any other unfair incidents


Report NOW

  • - Damage or loss incurred from unfair business practices
  • - Irrational business process that requires corrective actions
  • - Challenges and difficulties relating to commercial affairs

- Non-compliance report is not for service complaints. Since your complaints regarding parcel service are transferred to relevant entities, it will require additional days for response. For customer service complaints, please click [Customer Support].[Customer Support]

  • PostCompliance Team, CJ Logistics, 53, Sejong-daero 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip: 04513)
  • ContactCompliance Team 02-700-0158 / 02-700-0277

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