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We will create a social value through our business activities and contribute to developing sustainable society.​

Eco-Friendly Social Contribution

CJ Logistics' environmental preservation efforts aim to reduce greenhouse gas emission and increase waste recycling. For this purpose, CJ Logistics works with local NGOs and public institutions in perseveration of environment and biodiversity through projects like urban reforestation and waste-recycling. Also, ecological education programs encourage children to think that environmental issues are important.

  • Energy Forest

    Carbon-offset project will bring the life back to unused roadway and abandoned land.

  • Urban Forest

    Urban reforestation contributes to the biodiversity while reducing fine dust and CO2 emission.

  • Ecological Education

    CJ Logistics' ecological education programs, co-designed by competent NGOs and coordinated by the Community Chest of Korea (CCK) make children to be more engaged with nature and also help them grow up healthier.

  • Waste Recycling

    CJ Logistics provide free logistics services to a NGO 'Beautiful Store.' Employees donate their old items to raise charity money.

Environmental Preservation Projects
  • "Wow! It's Forest" Project

    Thanks to competent NGOs, ecological education programs are designed to develop children's emotional quality and ecological sensibility. Children can join the forest trekking and outdoor activities from March through September.

  • Urban Forest

    CJ Logistics, its employees and citizens organize a tree planting project for a green urban landscape. This fine dust-control and emission-reducing project is all the more meaningful because those small populus trees transplanted to the Han River Park are nursed by hands of the people with disabilities. CJ Logistics will continue to expand its CSR activities aiming to preserve environment and to dissipate prejudices against physically challenged citizens.

  • Recycling and Reuse, ‘Heart-to-Heart’

    ‘Heart-to-Heart’ is designed to facilitate recycling of valuable resources at home and school. Semi-used soap bar and pastel crayons are appropriately processed before sending them to the children welfare centers in Korea and school children in developing countries including Laos and Philippines. CJ Logistics will continue to engage with reuse and recycling projects for environmental preservation.

  • Urban Forest, Urban Beekeeping

    CJ Logistics keeps honey bee hives on its distribution center rooftop. Money that comes from honey production is invested in urban reforestation which creates green places where the bees can get their pollen. The more dense forest means more honey production – this virtuous circle is accelerated by the active participation of a local NGO 'Seoul Green Trust' and a promising social enterprise 'Urban-Bees.'

  • Electric Cargo Vehicle Service in Jeju Island

    CJ Logistics prepares a platform to test electric cargo vehicles in Jeju Island. This project is to protect the island’s undamaged eco-system from pollution. Anticipated problems and their countermeasures have been derived from the initial pilot test conducted for thirty days in November 2016. As more charging stations are installed and institutional supports are made, CJ Logistics’ eco-friendly logistics systems become more safe and convenient.

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