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Sustainability Overview

World’s most admired company, CJ Logistics is actively involved in global standard CRS and CSV activities.

CJ Logistics’ commitment to
Creating Shared Value (CSV)

All staff and employees will combine their passion and wisdom to fulfill the social responsibilities given to a company loved by the people around the world. We also promise to continuously make the following efforts to develop a world-class model of creating shared values.

  • 1.

    We will become one of the “Top 5 Global Logistics Companies” based on multilateral growth strategies.

    We will expand our global network and create synergy in all fields of logistics by entering into strategic partnerships with foreign logistics companies, establishing joint ventures, and conducting M&As. By doing so, we will turn CJ Logistics into a company that satisfies the global standards.

  • 2.

    We will actively fulfill our social responsibilities by launching CSV projects using our capacity in logistics and participating in social contributions for the local community.

    To do so, we will, based on the Three Key Values (creating jobs, practicing eco-friendliness, and contributing to the local community), continuously seek differentiated CSV models connected to the core projects of CJ Logistics and create both social and commercial values.

  • 3.

    We will positively practice eco-friendly & green logistics through energy management.

    We will realize eco-friendly logistics services by optimizing transportation through integrated logistics systems for reducing the emission of greenhouse gas, by using eco-friendly means of transportation, and by introducing electric delivery vehicles.

  • 4.

    Keeping pace with the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will materialize “Logistics 4.0” and lead the innovation of the logistics industry.

    By fully using the high-tech convergence technology based on TES (Technology, Engineering, System & Solution), the largest network in Korea, and the accumulated knowhow, we will develop new technologies for operating state-of-the-art logistics services. We will also reinforce our peerless key capacities to provide differentiated services to our customers.

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