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We will create a social value through our business activities and contribute to developing sustainable society.​

Job Creation

CJ Logistics’ unique CSV model, Senior Parcel Delivery Service hires senior citizens (age 60 and above) to deliver packages to their communities from dedicated drop-off points that are usually located inside the apartment complexes and around residential areas. The workers, mostly retired seniors pick up parcels from CJ Logistics' trucks and deliver them to individual homes on electric carts. For this project, CJ Logistics signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2013. Today, it has set up more than 150 base stations across the country and created more than 1,100 jobs for senior citizens.

  • Service Distance: 1~2 Km from the local drop-off point

    40~50 packages for each eldery worker

  • 250 packages for each delivery truck driver

    5 eldery worker(50 packages each)

Sustainable quality job opportunities
  • Generally, each truck driver visits approximately 200 customers in a day. However, a senior worker’s service distance is 1 ~ 2 kilometers from dedicated drop-off points only.
  • Four or five senior workers assign to each drop-off point and provide a timely customer service. CJ Logistics helps them to relieve their physical burdens associated with carrying heavy items by providing emission-zero electric carts.
  • Older workers get paid by the number of packages that they delivered. Thanks to a consistently growing market volume, they become more independent financially.
First public-private partnership model in logistics industry
  • Senior Parcel Delivery Service is a result of collective and systematic efforts of CJ Logistics and public institutions addressing common problems of the retired citizens.
  • Senior Parcel Delivery Service is on track for further expansion through close cooperation among ‘Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the Seniors (an affiliated body of the Ministry of Health and Welfare), CJ Logistics, and local governments of Seoul, Incheon, and Jeollanam-do.
Job opportunities for vulnerable social groups
  • Older workers deliver packages to individual homes from the drop-off stations located in their own communities. Based on lessons from this unique business model, CJ Logistics will create more job opportunities for vulnerable social groups.
  • CJ Logistics’ CSR projects will create more jobs for vulnerable social groups such as persons with developmental disabilities (PDDs) and low-income families. As they become financially independent, we expect more social participation while less prejudice against them.
Eco-friendly logistics
  • CJ Logistics provides senior workers with carbon-zero delivery vehicles such as electric carts and wagons.
  • CJ Logistics’ electric carts are based on zero-emission. Also, they are simple enough that any inexperienced senior worker can handle without any difficulties.
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