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Core Issues

We will create social value through our business activities and contribute, to sustainable social development.

Core Issue

As a responsible global corporate citizen, CJ Logistics is in pursuit of a harmonious growth together with its shareholders including customers, employees, partners and local communities at the economic, social and environmental levels.

Strengthening Competitiveness
Secure future growth engines that can lead the paradigm of global logistics

Amid ever-increasing demands of smart logistics service in the global market, CJ Logistics is vigorously involved in development and investment of the most advanced technologies. CJ Logistics will deliver ever-more competitive customer services that can create new values and also lead a global paradigm shift in the logistics market.

  • A person holding an iPad with logistics status displayed in the warehouse
  • On-site classified delivery
  • A person sitting on a chair looking at a monitor with expressive traffic
Route to a Competitive Business
  • Major Activities

    • Strengthen global competitiveness
    • Establish future logistics bases
    • Secure R&D infrastructures and excellent employees
  • Future plan and goal

    • Strengthen professional competences by business/region
    • Secure emerging market networks
    • Expand R&D investment in new logistics technology
Environmental Management
Realize global top tier environmental friendly logistics

As a recognized ‘Green-Logistics Service Provider’ by government, CJ Logistics is obliged to contribute toward addressing the global environmental crisis and thereby introduced the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) into its all workplaces and an electric cargo vehicle project in Jeju Island.

  • CJ Logistics courier vehicle stopped
  • Urban forest
  • Certificate ISO14001 small image
Route to a CJ Logistics's environmental management
  • Major Activities

    • Operation of the environmental management system
    • Greenhouse gas reduction and energy saving
    • Eco-friendly logistics activities
  • Future plan and goal

    • Enhance the environmental management system
    • Establish a strategy to respond to climate change
    • Expand the use of eco-friendly transportation vehicles, including electric cars
Customer Satisfaction
World-class logistics service for winning customers’ confidence

For the goal of becoming a world class logistic service provider, CJ Logistics adopts various measures that allow us to communicate more effectively with customers, to upgrade customer service quality and to win customers’ confidence.

  • The courier delivering the courier and the customer receiving the courier laugh when they face each other.
  • Asia's largest mega hub terminal
  • Courier box separated by wheel sorter
Route to a Better Customer Delight
  • Major Activities

    • Provide the No.1 parcel service
    • Diversify customer communication channels
    • Implement customer information protection activities
  • Future plan and goal

    • Continuous service improvement and new services
    • Enhance customer service capabilities
    • Enhance the information security system
Human Resource Management
Employee Empowerment “people first”

The corporate’s success depends on ‘invincible employees’ and CJ Logistics provides a wide selection of education and training opportunities for its employees. These programs are designed to uphold human rights and diversity of employees and shareholders.

  • Appearance of executives in the classroom
  • An employee who is pushing one hand toward the camera and raising his arm
  • Around the table at the restaurant, CJ Logistics CEO Park Geun-tae and the executives
Route to an Employee Empowerment
  • Major Activities

    • Establish a culture of respect for human rights
    • Foster global talent
    • Win-Win labor-management relations
    • Promote employee welfare
  • Future plan and goal

    • Establish a human rights policy and introduce due diligence
    • Enhance the Global Expatriate Pool (GEP) System
    • Expand and activate complaint handling channels
    • Establish a system for innovating the company’s HR and culture
Health & Safety
Safety & Health Management for Customers and Employees

Safety and health is the top priority in every aspect of CJ Logistics’ business. Under the guideline given by CJ Group, CJ Logistics exerts its best efforts to create an effective safety and health business culture which contributes to a confidence-building between employees and shareholders.

  • CEO Park Geun-tae, CJ Logistics CEO and executives
  • A courier who is receiving safety education in the classroom
  • Employees who check safety on site
Route to a Safety and Health
  • Major Activities

    • Establish and operate a safety management system
    • Create a culture of health & safety
  • Future plan and goal

    • A more advanced health & safety system
    • Establish a culture of respect for safety and health including education, training, and campaigns
Local Community
CSV and Social Contribution

CJ Logistics adopts CJ Group’s management philosophy, CSV approach to address various social challenges.

  • Silver courier article smiling in front of courier car
  • Elementary students who are participating in the forest project and touching the tree
  • Participants in the Hope Sharing Forest Creation Project laughing at the camera
Route to a Better Community
  • Major Activities

    • Senior Parcel Delivery
    • Contribution to an eco-friendly society
    • Development contributionfor community
    • Sports Sponsorship
  • Future plan and goal

    • Diversification of social contribution activities linked to business characteristics
    • Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities
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