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Sustainability System

CJ Logistics aims to creating social values and sustainable society.

CJ CSV Management

CJ Logistics contribute to addressing social challenges through CJ CSV (Creating Shared Value) – Creative Management, Win-Win Management and Sharing Management. CSV will remain a center of management philosophy of CJ Logistics.

CJ commitment to creating shared value
  • First, CJ will commit to facilitating CSV with CJ’s strengths in the areas which need the most social care and support.
  • First, CJ will support and help the youth discover and fulfill their dreams through participating in CSV activities.
  • First, CJ will actively lead the creation of jobs for people who face more challenges in finding jobs such as young generations, women and the elderly.
  • First, CJ will foster a mutually beneficial business ecosystem with cooperating companies through the fair division of roles and responsibilities.
  • First, CJ will also contribute to the global community by implementing CSV in the societies and countries CJ has expanded to.
CJ CSV management system
  • Creative management

    Contribute to our country & society and promote business growth by taking on new challenges in the promising industries of the future

  • Win-win management

    Establish a win-win industrial ecosystem to achieve sustainability

  • Sharing management

    Promote systematic social contribution in the neglected areas of society based on core competencies

Legal Compliance
Ethical management
Safety Management
Defining Core Issues by Materiality Test

CJ Logistics conducts a ‘materiality assessment’ that helps us to analyze and identify critical economic, environmental and social issues, which may either reflect a significant impact on the business performance or substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders.

  • Step 1

    Derive an issue list

  • Step 2

    Material test and core issues

  • Step 3

    Choose core issues to be reported

CJ Logistics Sustainability Report specifies shareholders’ critical issues that are carefully selected according to the ‘Principle of Materiality’ under GRI’s G4 Guidelines. Each critical issue may reflect a significant impact on the business performance and decisions of stakeholders.

Material Test Results

CJ Logistics identified 14 critical issues through a materiality assessment. These critical issues reflect a significant impact on the CJ Logistics’ business performance and stakeholders’ decision making. Embedding critical issues into CJ Logistics’ core business activities will create long-term values. CJ Logistics will consistently upgrade its materiality assessment through accommodating shareholder’s opinion and participation.

This is the Material Test Results table consisting of Category, Core issue, Core aspect, and Report section.
Category Core issue Core aspect Reporting side
Economy/General Management Expansion of global businesses Economic performance Competitiveness enhancement
Strengthen the R&D capability
Environment GHG emission management and reduction Energy
Environmental Management
Reducing the environmental impact of logistics/transportation
Energy consumption and efficiency management
Consumer Issues Customer relationship and satisfaction management Product and service labeling, Marketing communications, Customer privacy Customer Satisfactionn
Community Involvement and Development Social contribution activities that consider the characteristics of local communities Indirect economic effect
Local Community
Local Community
Efforts to revitalize the economy in local communities
Labor/Human Rights Training program to strengthen the competence of employees Providing equal employment opportunity, wage, training and education for both genders
Diversity and equal opportunity
Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
Human resource management
Prohibition against employee discrimination (gender, age, minority, race, etc)
Supply Chain Strengthen the joint growth policies and activities Anti-corruption Supply chain management
Fair Operating Practices Prohibition of unfair trades and assurance of compliance with related laws
Consumer Issues Safety and health impact management of products and services Industrial safety and health
Customer’s safety and health
Health and safety
Labor/human rights Strengthen the employee safety and health management system
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