CJ Logistics supports the United Nations with the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Quality job opportunities contribute to solving social problems.

Senior Parcel Delivery
Senior Parcel Delivery Service is CJ Logistics' unique CSV model which has been contributing to better economic independence and solving social problems for seniors with remarkable consequences at home and aborad.
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CJ Logistics puts significant effort to reduce greenhouse gas emission and increase waste-recycling.

Creating Environmental Value
Energy Forest Project gives us a green urban forest back and Waste-recycling Project contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emission.
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  • Energy Forest
  • Urban Forest
  • Ecological Experience Training
  • Recycling Project


CJ Logistics is involved in a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibilities for development of local communities.

CSR programs for better future of local community
CJ Logistics is actively involved in various CSR programs and sports sponsorships (golf, motor racing) that share our core values.
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  • Employees
    volunteer activities
  • Sports

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