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Follow up the Insight of CJ Logistics, Korea Logistics Innovation Leader.

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Follow up the Insight of CJ Logistics, Korea Logistics Innovation Leader.

Report Cross-Border e-Commerce Establishment of End-to-End Logistics Platform 2017-11-26

Cross-Border e-Commerce Establishment of End-to-End Logistics Platform

Cross-Border e-Commerce

CJ Logistics

Cross-Border e-Commerce Establishment of End-to-End  Logistics Platform

With the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce market, represented by overseas purchases (direct purchases) and re-importing, the need for related logistics services is also increasing. CJ Logistics provides optimal CBeC logistics services based on an in-depth understanding of the CBeC market, global infrastructures and networks.

Growth of e-Commerce Beyond Borders

Smarter consumers, evolution of shopping platforms, and advancement of payment and shipping systems are vitalizing e-commerce globally. Recently, the range of e-commerce has expanded beyond the boundaries of domestic markets, and cross-border e-commerce (CBeC) is growing explosively. The CBeC market is expected to witness rapid growth from 233 billion USD in 2014 to 994 billion USD by 2020 (CAGR 27.4%).

Global CBeC Market Status & Projection

Global CBeC Market Status & Projection


The CBeC logistics service is a highly difficult and complex field that requires a high-level understanding of customs regulation, logistics infrastructure and networks as well as expertise in e-commerce. In particular, the establishment of efficient shipping systems is regarded as the core element in determining the success of a CBeC business. Based on its years of experience in global operations and solid network structures, CJ Logistics provides optimized services that ensure the convenient processing of complex CBeC logistics from customs to shipping.
· Obstacles of CBeC Market Growth : High shipping costs, long shipping times, complex return procedures, limitations in shipping times and destination changes, poor payment methods, lack of product information, fluctuation of exchange rates, etc.

Easy, Fast and Convenient CBeC Customized Logistics Service

CJ Logistics identifies a full-range of needs demanded by CBeC businesses and consumers and provides key services accordingly.

Optimized logistics model proposal
Among the various CBeC logistics operation models such as the bonded warehouse model or the collection shipment model, CJ Logistics applies an optimized model to provide end-to-end logistics service, considering departure and/or arrival logistics, customs process, quantity of freight, price, and characteristics of goods. In addition, the CBeC end-to-end logistics service that CJ Logistics offers can be individually selected to form a package according to clients' requirements and needs.
· Bonded Warehouse Model : Model for shipping goods purchased in advance based on demand estimations, storing purchased goods in a designated bonded warehouse, and then shipping them according to orders
· Collection Shipment Model : Model for shipping goods in bulk of a certain amounts based on orders through EMS or international express

Specialized IT system application
CJ Logistics has an in-house developed CBeC specialized operation system known as iNEX. Through iNEX, CJ Logistics is capable of implementing the integrated management of all logistics stages from seller order management, warehouse operation, international shipping, customs, shipping, and CS from the system. · real-time synchronization of ordering, canceling and inventory information, inventory management, responding to small orders of multiple goods, co-packaging, shared warehouse, shared inventory management, etc.

Convenience support system
CJ Logistics operates a system to support removing inefficiencies and simplifying a seller's logistics operation. For instance, an automatic address translation system for the domestic shipping of inbound goods allows for faster and more fluid logistics services. In addition, CJ Logistics provides translation systems for translating Chinese product information into English to ensure convenient export businesses such as customs work for sellers in the Chinese market.

Automatic Address Translation System

Automatic Address Translation System

Know-How & Expertise based on Experience in Operations

CJ Logistics endeavors to provide better services based on its know-how and expertise from its years of experience in e-commerce logistics operations.

Understanding of e-commerce logistics
CJ Logistics possesses an thorough understanding of the e-commerce market with years of operational experiences. It has been catering logistics services such as parcel delivery and contract logistics to the e-commerce market from its early years. As the unrivaled No. 1 parcel company in Korea, CJ Logistics offers one-stop logistics solution from W&D, shipping to CS in the Korean e-commerce market.

Market analysis & consulting
By analyzing and forecasting industry trends, it grasps diversification or advancement of retail, consumption trends, and needs of clients in a preemptive manner. Furthermore, CJ Logistics provides consulting to resolve obstacles in the worksite and enhance the quality of logistics services. CJ Logistics makes volume predictions and secures logistics resources in advance to ensure stable, prompt logistical operations even during peak seasons such as Black Friday and Single's Day.

Wide Global Network

CJ Logistics owns broad global network to offer seamless CBeC logistics services.

Global network
CJ Logistics provides reliable CBeC logistics services to more than 220 countries worldwide with focus on major e-commerce countries including Korea, China, Southeast Asia, America and Europe (Germany). It has established a strategic relationship with local partners that are proficient in the local culture and regulations such as customs and tax policies, as well as mutually beneficial systems with related organizations.

Logistics infrastructure and know-how
CJ Logistics has rich experience and know-how in international logistics. In particular, it has its own customs clearance center in Incheon Int’l Airport where diverse advanced automation facilities such as high-speed X-ray are, so shipments to Korea are cleared quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it operates a dedicated logistics center for CBeC logistics further reducing lead-time.

Global Network of CJ Logistics

Global Network of CJ Logistics

Our Services

With years of experience and know-how in e-commerce logistics, CJ Logistics provides CBeC business with seamless logistics service by reducing costs, improving service quality, and/or strengthening operational management skills.

CJ Logistics Cross-Border e-Commerce Service Offerings

CJ Logistics Cross-Border e-Commerce Service Offerings

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