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Compliance Management

We strive for transparent and fair trading practices and a culture of self-compliance.

Win-Win Coordination Committee

CJ Logistics will conduct investigations on our employee(s) upon your reporting about unfair, unjust, incorrect, irrational or wrongful business practices. Your suggestions for corrective action are also welcomed.

We protect you against any unfair business practices relating to agreement, contract or ordinary deals made by and between you and CJ Logistics. We will investigate your case(s) as quickly as possible and get back to you. Your name and reporting statements will not be disclosed. Make sure that your reporting is not based on false statements or speculations.

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This form should only be used to report observed or apparent non-compliance. Non-compliance is defined as any action or activity associated with the conduct or oversight CJ Logistics’ Compliance Program. Should your report include incorrect or false name, contact number or business information we may neither accept nor investigate the case.


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