A&A confirms that CJ Rokin Logistics is “the best logistics company in China”

- CJ Rokin Logistics China was introduced on the supply chain management consulting∙marketing research institution ‘A&A’… The company enhances its awareness and reliability
- Supply chain management expert Evan Armstrong said “the synergistic effect between logistics infrastructures and TES is impressive”.
- CJ Logistics tries to build the second CJ Logistics in China and become No.1 in Asia…The company plans to expand its global business

# “Based on stable logistics networks, advanced TES(Technology, Engineering, System &Solution) capabilities, and customized consulting services, CJ Rokin Logistics is expected to go beyond China and grow in the global logistics market”. - Global SCM Research∙Consulting Institution ‘A&A’ President Evan Armstrong

CJ Rokin Logistics, a Chinese subsidiary of CJ Logistics plans to expand the business globally based on its favorable reputations. Because of the fast growing logistics market in China, CJ Logistics is on the way to achieve its ‘No.1 Pan-Asia Strategy’. In addition, since China has become a key point of Korea’s ‘Northern Economic Project’, Chinese market is going to help the company to reach its goal.

On July 31, CJ Logistics (CEO Keun-tae Park) announced that a Chinese subsidiary of CJ Logistics, CJ Rokin Logistics was introduced on the global SCM research∙consulting institution ‘Armstrong & Associates’ website(www.3PLogistics.com). CJ Rokin Logistics’ operation capabilities, state-of-the art technologies, and current business were introduced on the website’s ‘3PL Case Studies’ section.

‘A&A’ was founded in 1980 and the company leads third-party logistics (3PL) market research and provides consulting services. A&A also announces the rakings of logistics companies and holds the global logistics conference every year. At the ‘3PL Case Studies’ section, you can easily find the information about global logistics companies at once.

Supply chain management expert and ‘A&A’ President, Evan Armstrong visited CJ Rokin Logistics that is located in Shanghai, China. Evan Armstrong also saw company’s first overseas R&D center TES Innovation Center China and Kunshan∙Baoshan warehouse centers. When he visited the sites and interviewed company managers, he constantly asked detailed questions and showed great interest.

In 2015, CJ Rokin Logistics became a part of the family members. CJ Rokin Logistics is the biggest cold chain logistics company in China and has 48 worksites, 22 warehouses, and logistics networks that connect 1,500 cities. On June, at ‘Global Cold Chain Summit 2018’ which was held in Tianjin, CJ Rokin Logistics was nominated to be No.1 cold chain logistics company in China for the 5 consecutive years.

Last November, TES Innovation Center China was established to transfer Korea’s TES technologies and utilize existing infrastructures to speed up company’s global business. Visitors can see the demonstrations of advanced logistics technologies and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Later on, the company plans to implement those technologies in the field.

When Evan Armstrong visited the main sites, he closely looked at CJ Rokin Logistics’ operation expertise. He also focused on synergistic effect of TES technologies and consulting abilities. He predicted that based on the company’s cold chain logistics experience and CJ Logistics’ advanced technologies, CJ Rokin Logistics would have a competitive advantage over other competitors.

CJ Rokin Logistics’ information about its strengths and capabilities that were introduced on the ‘3PL Case Studies’ section is going to be included in the newsletter. This newsletter is going to be sent to 62,000 customers (Logistics Industry Workers, Logistics Experts) and expected to help CJ Rokin Logistics to enter the global logistics market.

CJ Logistics said “since CJ Logistics (2015) and CJ Rokin Logistics were introduced on a trusted logistics research intuition, we were able to advertise our logistics capabilities to the global logistics market. Through this, we are going to focus on building ‘the second CJ Logistics’ in China and achieve No.1 Asia Strategy.

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics tries to carry out its ‘Pan-Asia No.1 Strategy’ to become No.1 Logistics Company in Asia by building a business network thought out Asian countries. The Company also plans to become a top 5 logistics company by 2020.

In 2013, CJ Logistics acquired the project & heavy cargo Chinese company CJ Smart Cargo. In 2015, it also took over the China’s No.1 cold chain logistics company CJ Rokin Logistics. August 2016, the company set up the joint venture company CJ Speedex with China’s TCL. It also succeeded in merge and acquisitions with Malaysia’s CJ Century and took over Indonesia’s warehouse centers.

Especially, last April, the company acquired India’s No.1 transportation company CJ Darcl and Middle East’s project & heavy cargo logistics company CJ ICM. At last, October 2017, CJ Logistics acquired Vietnam’s No.1 logistics company CJ Gmadept and established a network that covers all over Asia.

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