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ESG Message

ESG Message

I am Shin Young-soo,
CEO of CJ Logistics.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the interest and encouragement you have shown to CJ Logistics this year.

As an innovative tech company, CJ Logistics continues to lead the industry with a combination of the latest technologies and a determination to improve the quality of life and promote industrial growth in Korea. But waves of inflation, changing regulations, geopolitical conflicts, and the Covid-19 pandemic have rendered our lives and industries all the more uncertain.

In an effort to remain grounded amid these sweeping waves and continue our journey toward a brighter future, we have established a sustainable environmental, social, and governance-related (ESG) management strategy, serving the needs of both stakeholders and our business. In this regard, we would like to tell you about the achievements and future plans of CJ Logistics in 2023 as we commit ourselves to taking a quantum leap in our ESG management strategy, striving to produce a number of milestones.

FIRST, WE HAVE SET OUR SIGHTS ON MAKING LOGISTICS NOT ONLY MORE CONVENIENT AND FASTER, BUT ALSO MORE ECO-FRIENDLY. Thus, as the first domestic logistics company, we have declared our resolve to achieve carbon neutrality in all our logistical activities by 2050.
Given our determination to go carbon-free by 2050, we plan to adopt a number of gradual, but major changes, starting with a switch to eco-friendly mobility, proceeding to maximizing the energy efficiency of our buildings and adopting renewable energy sources.
We have created a resource-circulating ecosystem throughout the value chain and aim to strengthen a public-private alliance in the future.

SECOND, WE ARE WORKING ON IMPROVING OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS IN THE HOPES OF RENDERING THE LOGISTICS INDUSTRY A SAFER, FAIRER, AND MORE DESIRABLE WORKPLACE. In order to foster a safe workplace for all, we have established an industry-leading integrated environmental, health and safety (EHS) information system as well as the EHS Situation Room, allowing us to ensure systematic and company-wide EHS monitoring. We have also launched due diligence investigations into claims of human- rights violations, with a view toward fostering a company-wide culture that respects human rights, celebrates diversity, and includes all participants.

THIRD, WE SEEK TO DEVELOP ENGINES FOR FUTURE GROWTH BY GENERATING NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND ENHANCING OUR CAPABILITIES THROUGH OUR ESG MANAGEMENT POLICIES. To this end, we have partnered with Kia Motors to develop purpose-specific vehicles that can enhance execution of the eco-friendly logistics and have been given a regulatory approval for sandboxing our model of liquefied- hydrogen transportation.
Going forward, we remain alert to the developing trends in the efforts to adapt to climate change, so that we can continue to provide top-notch services to all our customers.

Dear stakeholders,
As CEO of CJ Logistics, I assure you that the company will continue to communicate actively and transparently with its stakeholders through this Rreport, its website, and a variety of other channels.

As a leading global logistics company with a century of experience and a corporate ESG DNA like no other, we will continue to pioneer a more sustainable and better future. I kindly ask you to support us in our endeavors through your continued encouragement and participation.

Thank you.


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