World’s most admired company, CJ Logistics is actively involved in global standard CRS and CSV activities.


Realization eco-friendly logistics at the global TOP level

Efforts to solve various environmental problems such as climate change and biodiversity conservation are also affecting business activities of companies. In particular, as strengthening indirect emission management outside the company becomes an issue, reducing the environmental impact at the logistics and delivery level is required. The transition to eco-friendly logistics is essential as a future growth engine for CJ Logistics. Accordingly, CJ Logistics has selected green logistics as a major issue and is making efforts to respond preemptively.

Environmental management promotion system

CJ Logistics is striving to establish a sustainable environmental management system by carrying out various strategic tasks in consideration of the global logistics business as well as the proactive elimination of potential environmental risks. The construction sector recognizes the environmental impact of construction activities in all sectors of the construction industry, including design, construction, project management, and service, and does its best to manage environmentally friendly projects such as conducting environmental impact assessments and managing pollution factors.
We organize and operate an organization dedicated to environmental management for environmental executives, safety and environmental team of the headquarters, and environmental personnel of each workplace. Through this, we systematically and preemptively integrate and manage environmental issues throughout the company.

Environmental Management Framework

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Environmental management system certification

Since 2010, CJ Logistics has expanded the scope of environmental management system ISO14001:2015 certification to the entire company. The construction division obtained environmental management system certification in 2001 for construction and additional services for civil engineering, architecture, housing, electricity, industrial and environmental facilities, fire fighting works, and information and communication works. In order to achieve environmental goals, we continue to make improvements, strengthen management capabilities through job training of each manager of each site to substantialize environmental management system and internal examinant candidate training for in-house inspection, and make effort for environmental management system execution improvement of the business sites. We will continue to actively respond to various environmental risks by establishing environmental risk management strategies and further upgrading our environmental management system.

ISO 14001 Certificate
(logistics/construction sector)
Eco-friendly Golf Course
Environment Training

CJ Logistics is putting priority on environmental training for all employees and suppliers based on environmental guidelines. In 2022, 6,061 employees participated in ‘climate change and company’s sustainability’ training for one hour and 30 ESG working-level consultative bodies participated in ‘Raising awareness and necessity of reducing environmental influence’ training for on hour and and will continue to manage it in the future.

Environment Training in 2022
Environmental training in 2022
Training name Climate change and corporate sustainability The importance of reducing environmental impact and enhancing awareness
Training contents The role of climate crisis issues and corporate sustainability Participants to ESG working-level council (30 people)
Target All executives and employees(6,061) Participants to ESG Working-level Council(30)
Date August 23, 2022, to September 19, 2022. September 20, 2022
Training hour One hour per person One hour per person
Training method Online and offline education Group offline education
Climate change response strategy framework and governance

Based on CJ Logistics business, we have established a strategy to cope with climate change. We would like to improve fuel efficiency by establishing an optimal route transport system based on TES technology and eco-friendly conversion of transportation vehicles, which are major sources of emissions.
In addition, we plan to continue to promote efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing renewable energy in the distribution center step by step and building energy efficiency. The ESG committee within the board reviews risk management and strategies for addressing climate change, and monitors performance through an ESG management consultative body consisting of company-wide management. It also shares greenhouse gas emissions and identifies trends in reduction tasks through a working-level consultative body six times a year in 2022. In particular, on November 7, 2022, ESG Committee within the board approved the establishment of a roadmap to combat climate change.

[Climate change response management Framework]

Climate change response management Framework

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[Climate change response governance]

Climate change response governance

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Establishment of greenhouse gas emission management system

CJ Logistics’ domestic carbon emission in 2021 is about 228,000 tCO2eq. Due to the characteristics of a logistics company, the number of emissions from transportation (lorry, etc.) is approximately 118,000 tCO2eq, accounting for the highest proportion. In addition, it was confirmed that Scope 2 was also generating 110,000 tCO2eq due to electricity consumption in buildings such as distribution centers. Scope 3 was generating 311,729 tCO2eq due to purchased goods and services, capital goods, fuel and energy relative activities, transport and delivery, waste generation and business trips.

(Unit: tCO2eq, tCO2eq/0.1 bil. Won)

Year SCOPE1 SCOPE2 Total emission Intensity*
GHG emission 2022 112,736 115,776 228,492 1.88
2021 118,551 109,742 228,274 2.01
2020 123,199 104,520 227,719 2.11

* Intensity : based on local sales revenue and emission

Mid-to-long-term Emission Reduction Target and Means

CJ Logistics is targeting 37% reduction in carbon emissions, which is equivalent to approximately 83,000tCO2eq in 2030, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
The Company plans to reduce GHG emissions by driving transportation efficiency of highly emitting vehicles and switching to eco-friendly transportation vehicles. Energy efficiency in buildings, solar panel manufacturing facilities to produce more renewable energy, certificates and purchase of green pricing will also be introduced to cut back on emissions.

(Unit: tCO2eq)

Mid-to-long-term Emission Reduction Target and Means
Category 2025 2030 2040 2050
Target cumulative reduction 14,444 83,899 153,306 228,274
Reduction as a percentage 6% 37% 67% 100%
Mid-to-long-term Emission Reduction Target and Means

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Carbon emission reduction activities

Energy efficiency

We provide efficient transportation routes and operation methods by analyzing big data to save energy in terms of logistics and delivery. In addition, we introduced a transport recovery algorithm to shorten the total travel distance and minimize the proportion of vehicles operating in empty vehicles to contribute to fuel efficiency and carbon emission reduction and promote Eco Driving education to improve driving habits that consume excessive energy such as engine idling to carry out energy management activities. In addition, CJ Logistics is promoting various reduction activities, such as installing and replacing indoor lighting in distribution centers with high-efficiency LED lighting devices and installing solar energy generation facilities on the roof of the distribution center to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

Utilization of renewable energy

As the transition to a low-carbon economic system is accelerating worldwide, the use of renewable energy sources is expanding to respond to climate change and reduce environmental footprint. CJ Gemadept, a Vietnamese logistics subsidiary, has installed 10,880 solar modules on the roof of a refrigeration logistics center located in the Mekong Delta on an area of 25,000 square meters. They are producing 7,066MWh of renewable energy per year, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide by 4,840 tons per year by reducing electricity costs by about 25% every year. CJ Logistics will continue to strengthen eco-friendly and renewable energy logistics, and as a global leading logistics company, it will strive to fulfill its social responsibilities and practice sustainable management.

Water and Wastewater Management

Recognizing the seriousness of the water shortage and the importance of resource conservation, we are managing water consumption and wastewater discharge at all business sites by establishing water usage targets and monitoring the performance. Our logistics business sites do not use water other than household water, but in the case of Haesley and Jeju Nine Bridges Golf Clubs, they introduced service facilities, showers, low-flow toilets, and water tank storage compressors that have been certified for water conservation to minimize the use of water resources. In addition, in order to eliminate the discharge of water pollutants that have an impact on the environment, Jeju Nine Bridges is contributing to reduction of water pollution and energy by using a membrane-integrated advanced wastewater treatment method to simultaneously remove organic materials, nitrogen, and phosphorus with low power consumption.

Efforts to Reduce air Pollutants

Logistics company should make efforts to reduce air pollutant due to the cargo vehicles. Ministry of Environment announced that truck emit 6 times fine particulate than passenger cars. Especially old truck that grade 5 in exhaust emission emit 10 ~ 22 times more than recent truck. As a result, public-private partnership become more important to clean air environment. CJ Logistics signed a ‘Business agreement to reduce fine particulate from trucks’ with the Metropolitan Air Environment Agency to reduce fine dust emissions from trucks. Through this agreement, we are working on a low-pollution measures against trucks that we owned by the company or those entering the company regularly such as scrap car removal about old trucks, attachment of emission reduction device and follow-up management. Also, we are actively promoting wheel washing , car washing and eco-friendly driving to reduce scattering dust occurrence against entering vehicles. To reduce these emissions, CJ Logistics will intensively manage aging trucks to minimize the environmental impact of vehicles and reduce fine particulate.

Waste Management

In order to comply with domestic/internal regulations and dispose waste generated at domestic/foreign business sites legally, 'Waste Management Guidelines' are established to properly store, transport, and dispose waste, and is systematically managed through the 'Allbaro System' of the Ministry of Environment. To minimize waste generation, we are developing plans such as optimal design, material purchase, work improvement, management efficiency, and waste reduction. Recently, state-of-the-art systems for logistics packaging prevent over-packaging by commercializing 'Eco-friendly Smart Packaging', reduce plastic and improve resource use efficiency by using paper box tape. We will continue to make efforts to prevent resource depletion and minimize environmental pollution by establishing and spreading an efficient resource management system and to achieve a virtuous cycle of resources.

(Unit: tons)

Waste Management
Year General/designation Recycle Incineration Landfill
Waste disposal amount 2022 1,793 945 834 0
2021 1,178 0 0 0
2020 96 0 0 0
Introduction of Eco-friendly Packaging

CJ Logistics is focusing on developing packaging technologies and their deployment at business sites in order to address concerns around packaging waste whose volume surged with advances in e-commerce. Accordingly, ice packs and tapes that had been used as packaging sub-materials have been replaced by papers. In particular, ‘Neoforet’, which is paper-based absorber developed to replace vinyl-based absorber, is being used in addition to existing packaging materials like ice packs and tapes that are being replaced by paper materials. Furthermore, eco-friendly smart packaging solution against excessive packaging driven by innovation in packaging technology makes it possible to choose a box that fits product size and bundle unit, precisely measure empty space and fill it with appropriate absorber. By developing packaging technologies and solutions to adopt them, we will keep pushing ourselves to make best use of our resources and keep waste to minimum.

Paper air ball
Paper cushioning material, Paper tape
Resource circulation contribution activities

Through collaboration with Ministry of Environment, CJ Logistics contributed to reducing plastic waste by manufacturing recycled empty bottles from high-quality PET bottles. Upon acquiring approval for regulatory sandbox, the Company collected PET bottles discharged from hotels via our delivery service, thereby helping build an ecosystem around resource circulation.
On top of that, the Company signed MOU with LG Chem. On Mar. 2023 on recycling plastics and building circular economy for waste materials in logistics centers. We plan to take the MOU as a platform to manufacture recyclable wrap by collecting stretch film for packaging, which is being disposed in logistics centers, as part of the activities to create resource circulation system.

Participation in plastic reduction campaign

Amid the rapid increase in the use of disposable plastic products in the aftermath of COVID-19, CJ Logistics CEO Kang Sin-Ho is committed to reducing the use of plastics in daily life and implementing the eco-friendly campaign ‘Go! Go! Challenge’ was posted on the official social media with photos and messages to encourage participation in the in-house plastic reduction campaign. In the ‘Go! Go! Challenge’ as a participatory social media campaign that started with the purpose of reducing unnecessary plastic used in daily life, we make a commitment to ‘one thing we need to avoid doing (GO)’ and ‘one thing we should do (GO)’ in our daily lives, and it is conducted in the form of designating the next participant by the participant in order to reduce the use of plastics. As part of CJ Logistics’ ESG management for a sustainable future, CEO Kang Sin-Ho selected ‘Erase the carbon footprint (GO)’ as a thing not to do and ‘Leave a green footprint (GO)’ as a possible action. He expressed his will to more actively carry out and spread the various eco-friendly activities that are being implemented.

Distribution of upcycled uniforms

CJ Logistics distributed 2,000 eco-friendly ‘ECO+ uniforms’ made by recycling waste plastics to field employees. Each eco-friendly uniform produced was made with 14 plastic bottles (500ml), and the total amount of waste plastic used in 2,000 uniforms was 28,000 bottles, which has the effect of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (1,680kg) absorbed by 560 pine trees in one year. In addition, CJ Logistics has strengthened the storage function by adding a lining to the design of the most demanded vest in the field to enhance thermal insulation and adding a zipper-type pocket and pen holder in consideration of the actual use of the employees. On the front side of the uniform, the safety keeper certification mark and the ‘UN SDGs Association’ mark, symbolizing the ‘Children’s Traffic Safety Campaign’, are included so that the image of ‘delivery that protects the environment and safety’ can be captured. CJ Logistics will lead green logistics by continuously practicing plastic upcycling to contribute to resolving the rapidly increasing problem of plastic waste.

Establishment of plastic reduction and circular logistics system

In July 2021, the Ministry of Environment and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Starbucks and other public-private partnerships held a ceremony to create a clean Jeju without a disposable cup. CJ logistics will move the reusable cup collected through the return machine to the cleaning place through the delivery vehicle, and then deliver it to the Starbucks store after washing. We plan to build an eco-friendly logistics system through the introduction of electric cars. We will continue to work with public-private organizations to create synergies in order to create an eco-friendly ecosystem through plastic use and reduction of disposable products based on logistics expertise and infrastructure.

Resuable product virtuous cycle process : reusable cup collector - collection - wash - storage - delivery - customer

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Protection of Ecosystem

CJ Logistics is taking actions to minimize the potential side effects of our business on biodiversity near our business sites by investigating the negative effects. Haesley Nine Bridges and Club Nine Bridges in Resort Business Division are designed and developed in ways that minimizes damage to nature and environment and protect the geographical features as they are. The nature of bent grass planted across the course heavily requires fertilizers but both clubs introduced a system that prevents contamination of surrounding soil and streams by using eco-friendly fertilizers only and recycling them, thereby protecting the environment. Thanks to natural landscaping to the extent it does not damage nature and environment, the golf course is home to eagle-owl, which is an endangered species, and Korean buzzard, kestrel and snakehead fish, which are grade two endangered species hardly found near the course.
Haesley Nine Bridges and Jeju Nine Bridges became the first South Korean golf club to be certified as a sustainable ‘eco-friendly golf club’ by UK’s GEO* in nature, water resources, anti-pollution, energy, supply chain and local communities.
The efforts to preserve the ecological environment of business sites and their surroundings will continue in respect of biodiversity.

GEO(Golf Environment Organization) : The globally-renowned eco-friendly certification organization that certifies eco-friendly golf courses after assessing sustainability and environmental friendliness of golf courses around the world, gives advisory services and operational support to make international golf competitions an eco-friendly one.

해슬리, 나인브릿지의 생물 다양성
(55 species)
Mole, hare, racoon,
elk, rodents, wildcat, etc.
Parrotbill, titmouse, yellowthroated bunting,
flycatcher, rufous turtle dove, hoopoe, etc.
Gammaridea, ephemerellidae,
Green frog, redbellied frog,
ranid, mountain grass lizard, etc.
Pine tree, oak tree, ginkgo, birch, metasequoia, thuja,
pin oak, zelkova, pear tree, maple tree, amur maple,
dogwood, fragrant snowbell, cornel, quince, apricot tree,
magnolia, sweetbrier, royal azalea, azalea, hydrangea,
winged euonymus, leather-leaf viburnum, golden-wave,
cornflower, blazing star, gentiana, shiny mint, catchfly,
bellflower, deodeok, orange stonecrop, bush clover, rhododendron
Nine Bridge
(96 species)
Mole, hare, racoon,
elk, rodents, etc.
Parrotbill, titmouse, yellowthroated bunting,
flycatcher, rufous turtle dove, etc.
Gammaridea, ephemerellidae,
Green frog, redbellied frog,
ranid, mountain grass lizard, etc.
Pine tree, oak tree, ginkgo, birch, metasequoia, thuja,
pin oak, zelkova, pear tree, maple tree, amur maple,
dogwood, fragrant snowbell, cornel, quince, apricot tree,
magnolia, sweetbrier, royal azalea, azalea, hydrangea,
winged euonymus, leather-leaf viburnum, golden-wave,
cornflower, blazing star, gentiana, shiny mint, catchfly,
bellflower, deodeok, orange stonecrop, bush clover, rhododendron
Efforts to Ban Forest Destruction

CJ Logistics will continue its efforts to preserve planet earth with the goal to protect all living organisms living in forests. Taking actions to prevent deforestation and reducing industrial wastes are just a few of the efforts the Company is putting in towards this end. CJ Logistics is committed to building a healthy natural ecosystem near its business sites and the local communities. There is also a plan to monitor and supervise primary and secondary suppliers in their efforts towards prohibiting deforestation. As described, the Company will not build business sites that destroy forests and keep up the efforts to expand the value of environmental protection through forest creation and afforestation.

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