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    CJ Logistics, The Global Leader of Logistics Innovation

    CJ Logistics’ CI (Corporate Identity) consists of three parts; hexagon, 30° graphic and royal blue. The hexagon stands for the global logistics hub; 30° angled graphic motif communicates speed; and CJ blue color delivers a professional image that showcases CJ Logistics’ competencies in smart and convenient customer services.



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    CEO of CJ Logistics Corp. Vice Chairman, Park Keun-Hee CEO of CJ Logistics Corp.
    Vice Chairman, Park Keun-Hee

    CJ Logistics is leaping forward to become a global leading logistics company through an intense challenge to enable the impossibility and constant innovations that do not rest on the present.


    CJ Logistics is leaping forward to become a global leading logistics company through

    an intense challenge to enable the impossibility and constant innovations that do not rest on the present.

    CEO of CJ Logistics Corp. Vice Chairman, Park Keun-Hee

    We have been together with the economic development of the Republic of Korea.

    CJ Logistics has been in the business since 1930. It has grown together with the ark.

    CJ Logistics was in the field of industrial development in Korea which referred to many of them as the miracles the Han River.

    We have been striving to realize new value by leading the logistics industry which is the main artery of the national economy. As a basis for strengthening the competitiveness among Korean companies, We have contributed to making Korea, the world's top 10 trading nation.

    Also, as the No. 1 company in the parcel industry, We have been working on the development of the e-Commerce, distribution and well being of citizens in Korea.

    Through constant innovation and challenge, we will leap forward as a global top logistics company.

    CJ Logistics is leaping to become a global leading logistics company through a fierce challenge to enable the impossible and constant innovations that do not rest on the present.

    By implementing Logistics 4.0 based on IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we will secure the super-gap competitiveness and lead the modernization of logistics industry in Korea.

    As The Global SCM Innovator, we have been developing business capabilities, global logistics network covering all parts of the world and business portfolio covering all aspects of logistics.

    CJ Logistics will always be with our nation, society and customers.

    We will always keep in mind that CJ Logistics is nothing without customers and we will share the love we receive from our customers with the community.

    We will do our utmost to fulfill our role as a corporate citizen and achieve Corporate Social Responsibilities including CSV.

    We will create a society that everyone lives well and continue to practice mutual beneficial management that enables all of us to grow together.

    CEO of CJ Logistics Corp. Vice Chairman, Park Keun-Hee


    CJ’s new lifestyles make your day new and special.
    CJ will continue to deliver new lifestyles

    CJ representation logo

    • Delicious World


    • Healthy World

      BIO & PHARMA

    • Convenient World


    • Joyful World



    The Pioneer Years

    • 1953Foundation of CheilJedang
      Production of Korea’s first sugar
    • 1962Began Korea’s earliest sugar export
    • 1965Launched flagship food brand Beksul
    • 1980Exceeded 100 million USD in exports
      Entered meat processing industry
    • 1984Entered pharmaceutical industry
      Established a integrated research center
    • 1987Entered frozen foods industry


    Laying the Groundwork

    • 1993Declared CheilJedang as a separate legal entity
    • 1995Entered the film industry, joint venture with DreamWorks
    • 1996Constitution of CheilJedang Group
      Launched Hetbahn, Korea’s first precooked rice product
    • 1997Launched VIPS, a premium steakhouse brand
      Launched TOUS les JOURS, a healthy bakery brand
    • 1998Entered retail & logistics industry, established CJ GLS
    • 1999Opened Olive Young, Korea’s first health & beauty store


    Total Lifestyle Group

    • 2000Entered the cable network industry (current CJ HelloVision)
      Acquired Korea’s biggest TV homeshopping channel (current CJ O Shopping)
    • 2002Constitution of CJ Group
      Launched A Twosome Place, a premium dessert cafe chain
    • 2005Established CJ Welfare Foundation and CJ Donors Camp
    • 2006Secured Mnet, a top music channel
      Launched tvN, a total entertainment channel
      Established CJ Culture Foundation
    • 2009Hosted Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
    • 2010Launched Bibigo, a global K-food brand


    Global Company that Creates Culture

    • 2011Opened CGV Cheongdam CineCity, Korea’s first cultureplex theater
      Established CJ E&M
    • 2012Launched Hello Mobile, a telecommunications service
      Hosted KCON, a Korean cultural festival in LA
    • 2013Established CJ Logistics
      Opened Season’s Table, a healthy Korean cuisine
    • 2014Exceeded 200th CJ Foodville global branch opening
    • 2016Reached peak cable TV viewership rating of 19.6% on the final episode of Reply 1988
      Exceeded 800th Olive Young branch opening
      Bibigo dumplings ranked No.1 in the U.S. market
      Totaled 1.7 billion Hetbahn units since launch 20 years ago

    CJ Logistics contributes to development of sports and spread of Korean culture.

    CJ Logistics’ sponsorships include talented and young professional golfers, motor racing teams and Hallyu events.

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    CJ Logistics will always maintain its relentless pursuit of logistics excellence
    around the world.


  • CJ Logistics and its world class connections with NEW FAMILY lead the global logistics innovation.

    Ever since it has taken the first step in the land of great potential, China, CJ Logistics has increased its presence as an innovator, and continued to increase its affiliates in China and other countries through mergers & acquisitions and joint venture.

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    • CJ Gemadept Logistics
    • CJ Gemadept Shipping
    • CJ Darcl Logistics
    • CJ ICM Logistics
    • CJ Speedex Logistics
    •  CJ Century Logistics
    • CJ Rokin Logistics
    • CJ Smart Cargo

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