Stevedoring & Transportation

CJ Logistics provides the optimized, unparalleled, and full range of services from stevedoring to inland transportation.


We provide tailored stevedoring and sea freight transportation service.

CJ Logistics offers tailored and optimized logistics solutions
that can meet any industrial requirements.

Comprehensive logistics services for steel-makers (Hyundai Steel, SeAH Besteel).
Grain & Poultry
3 million tons of bulk grain & poultry per year cargo operation at port of Incheon, Gunsan, Ulsan, and Mokpo.
Continuing port business development projects provide stevedoring, storage and delivery services for power generation and cement manufacturing industry.
CJ Logistics provides automobile exportation service for Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors and GM Korea.
Concentrates on inland transportation service and handles container service at the port of Gwangyang.
Coastal Car-ferry
We provide total logistics service between mainland (Incheon, Mokpo, Nokdong, and Jeju Island.
New & Renewable Energy
Professional expertise in wind farm turbine transportation, handling, and installation.
Construction materials
Total logistics service includes construction material transportation, equipment rental service, oil supply, and waste control.
Retail Distribution
Supports advanced logistics management system and nationwide logistics network for "24 X 7 X 365” satisfied customer service delivery.
Ultra-heavy cargoes
CJ Logistics is certified and authorized transporter of power plant machinery and other ultra-heavy cargoes. It has special cargo handling equipment and practical knowhow to providing excellent service from stevedoring through inland transportation.
Ocean Freight
With the full extent of knowledge in ocean freight services ranging from the most common bulk cargo (iron ore, coal and grain) to the extra heavy-weight cargo.
Relocation service
CJ Logistics has extensive knowledge and experiences in relocation service for government office, research centers, universities and manufacturing plants. Thanks to the country’s largest logistics assets, infrastructure and manpower, CJ Logistics delivers reliable, accurate and timely moving services.

Success Story

CJ Logistics introduces case-studies on outstanding performance.

  • NRE (Wind Farm) EPC Project (2017)

    Since the first delivery of Daegwallyeong Wind Farm (49 turbines) in 2005, CJ Logistics has been increased its presence in the new & renewable energy market. Today, CJ Logistics is capable to perform not only transportation and installation, but engineering, electric work, design, and supplies procurement. Currently, CJ Logistics is engaged in many NRE EPC projects including wind farm constructions in Uiryeong and Daegi.

  • Rice Aid Program (APTERR) (2017)

    Korea’s first rice-aid program to third countries has been assigned to CJ Logistics by Korean Government. Under the agreement of ASEAN+3 Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR), CJ Logistics shipped out 250 tons and 500 tons of government-run rice stockpiles to Cambodia and Myanmar respectively using its own assets including cargo vehicle fleets and container terminals.

  • S-Oil RUC (Asia’s Largest Spherical Tank) Project (2017)

    Completed a 6-day long heavy-weight cargo transportation project. The assignment required delivering Asia’s largest spherical tanks [2 units (1,650 tons, 31.1m – equivalent to 15-floor building) and 1 unit (405 tons, 17.6 m)] from KHPT’s shop to S-Oil Ulsan Plant.

  • Commendation for DAPA Moving Project (2017)

    Received a commendation for its excellent services from Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). They expressed its gratitude for extraordinary performances that CJ Logistics has shown during the office moving project. We have successfully completed its contractual obligations to property damage prevention and confidentiality requirement.

Korea’s No.1 logistics service provider CJ Logistics is dreaming of East Asian logistics hub.

Gunsan Port

- wharf 14berth, container 2berth
- yard 719,000㎡
- warehouse(7) 38,000㎡, CFS(1) 3,000㎡

Incheon Port

- wharf 15berth, container 3berth
- yard 770,000㎡, CY 206,000㎡
- warehouse(2) 14,000㎡, CFS(2) 2,000㎡

Gyeongin Port

- wharf 3berth
- yard 77,000㎡
- warehouse(1) 15,000㎡

Daesan Port

- wharf 3berth
- container 1berth
- yard 101,000㎡
- CY 61,000㎡

Pyeongtaek Dangjin Port

- wharf 13berth
- yard 528,000㎡

Mokpo Port

- wharf 3berth
- yard 37,000㎡
- warehouse(3) 13,000㎡

Gwangyang Port

- container 4berth
- yard 55,000㎡, CY 840,000㎡
- warehouse(1) 20,000㎡, CFS(1) 5,000㎡

Donghae Mukho Port

- wharf 2berth
- yard 26,000㎡
- warehouse(3) 21,000㎡

Pohang Port

- wharf 9berth
- yard 143,000㎡
- warehouse(2) 9,000㎡

Ulsan Port

- wharf 10berth
- yard 210,000㎡
- warehouse(9) 44,000㎡

Masan Port

- Wharf 7 berth, container 1 berth
- Yard 133,000㎡, CY 71,000㎡
- CFS(2) 3,000㎡

Busan Port

- container 5berth
- yard 327,000㎡, CY 901,000㎡
- CFS(4) 241,000㎡

  • Shipping Facilities101Berths
    24/7 tailored port services with 101 berths at 20 ports out of 31 international ports in Korea help
  • Heavy Duty Equipment196units
    We provide handling services for Cranes, forklifts, loaders, and other module handling equipment.
  • Cargo Fleet8vessels
    Fleet of 8 vessels deployed to provide safe and timely transportation of heavy-weight cargo and bulk cargo (grain, grabble, sugar, fertilizer, cement, scrap iron)
  • Daily Operating Transportation Fleet7,000vehicles
    As we operate many cargo trucks, haul trucks, tractors and trailers for speedy and stable transportation service to government’s strategic material (fertilizer, rice and coal) control program and other industries’ general operations.
  • CJ Logistics-managed Gas Stations53Berths
    Differentiated customer services by directly managed gas stations at logistics hotspots across the country. Quality products and high standard services through a direct trade with four major oil refiners.
  • Korea's No.1 Bulk Stevedoring Service Provider1st
    CJ Logistics has Korea’s largest infrastructure and assets, and No. 1 in the bulk cargo handling market.

CJ Logistics looks for new business opportunities
in gas station, retail distribution and maintenance.

  • Gas station Directly managed gas stations provide differentiated customer services at logistics hotspots across the country.
  • Retail Distribution As exclusive retail distributor of EUROX, an aqueous urea solution used as a consumable in selective catalytic reduction to reduce NOx concentration in the exhaust emission.
  • Maintenance Automobile maintenance business covers after-market customer services for automobiles, tractors, and port equipment.
Business Portfolio
More news on Stevedoring & Transportiation

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