'The Global SCM Innovator' CJ Logistics


CJ Logistics' brand story system is focusing on customer expectations and future vision of the logistics industry. We are pursuing the growth of customer business based on the capabilities and activities that CJ Logistics possess. It represents the direction of CJ Logistics. We are always with customers' lives.

MISSION Designing Optimal SCM
We create a world where customers' precious assets are delivered safely and conveniently in a timely manner by designing optimal SCM.
Providing integrated services for customers around the world, while also maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation.

Main Slogan

we design logistics
We have always been thinking about the new future logistics for a better future.

The future is more complex, diverse and rapidly changing.

That is why the innovative paradigm in logistics must be designed beyond the present.

CJ Logistics is the first-ever established logistics company in Korea. We have made the history of logistics in Korea with endless innovation.

This process was a series of challenges to keep pushing the limits.

We have worked hard to maintain our competitiveness as a top logistics company in Korea. It was also a starting point for growing as a company that existed for 100 years beyond the 90th anniversary.

CJ Logistics tries to pioneer a path that others have not gone through. We have endlessly pondered and innovated with the aspiration to become the best logistics company in the world.


Leading the innovative logistics industry with advanced technologies and exceptional service.
Leading a new paradigm of logistics and moving fast toward the top of the world.
Giving trust and relief to customers by fast, accurate and safe services.
Pursuing joy, comfort and happiness for customers.
Taking the social responsibility by growing together with customers, communities and society.

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