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Safety and Health Management Policy

CJ Logistics has instituted safety and health management policies within its logistics and construction business divisions to cultivate a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, including those of suppliers. All employees are obligated to sign a safety and health management pledge, and division-specific safety regulations outline fundamental workplace safety practices that must be adhered to at all sites. Furthermore, we conduct various safety risk prevention and management activities, including implementing a Code of Conduct for Suppliers and exercising due diligence to ensure safety compliance throughout our operations.

Safety and Health Governance

To ensure systematic safety management, we develop annual safety and health plans that undergo reporting and approval by the Board of Directors. Our key business divisions, namely logistics and construction, have dedicated safety and health organizations tailored to their respective business characteristics. In the logistics sector, the Safety Management Secretariat, reporting directly to the CEO, is responsible for overseeing the safety and health management system. In the construction sector, the Safety Management Department supervises relevant activities. Additionally, we maintain a corporate-wide safety management working group tasked with gathering feedback from the field. Based on these insights, we formulate industrial accident prevention plans, conduct safety and health education programs, and conduct regular inspections of work environments.

Safety and Health Governance - LOGISTICS Safety and Health Governance - LOGISTICS
Safety and Health Governance - CONSTRUCTION Safety and Health Governance - CONSTRUCTION
Diagnosis on Safety and Health

CJ Logistics is engaging in a wide variety of activities to identify and improve hazardous factors in terms of occupational safety and health in business sites. Hazardous Risk Factors Identification & Proposal Program allows the Company to regularly perform risk assessment and identify potential factors that may trigger harm to business sites. We also set priorities of the actions needed to address and remove hazardous factors that have been identified, develop action plans and implement them. All executives and employees take medical check-up to stay in good health and are supported with medical expense for treatment.

Enhancement of Safety Awareness and Training

CJ Logistics works together with Road Traffic Authority to prevent traffic accidents of executives, employees and delivery men, and spread traffic safety culture. To this end, we provide traffic safety training and engage in various other initiatives to build the foundation for a safe traffic infrastructure. Professional instructors give customized training to delivery workers at delivery sub-terminals focusing on traffic safety contents like Road Traffic Act, cases of traffic accidents to help delivery workers enhance their awareness on traffic safety and create an environment conducive to safety.
Furthermore, all executives and employees are subject to mandatory legal safety and health training every quarter either via online or in field depending on their work status. New employees, workers whose job requires special training, workers whose work activities changed, workers handling MSDS substances and personnel in charge of safety and health management are given a separate safety and health training organized by their respective business site or Safety Management Team.

Efforts to Improve Work Environment

CJ Logistics improved the safety of electric·firefighting facilities by taking safety measures for intensity of illumination, earth leakage breaker and earthing, fire detector and business sites in general. Various safety equipment such as protective cover in shear points and emergency stopping device in conveyor, which is a major facility, has also been newly put in place, thereby contributing to a safer infrastructure. In addition, all business sites are subject to regular safety improvement construction and inspection in order to create a safer environment through facilities improvement. The Company is also committed to building a better work environment for workers in logistics centers and enhance their safety by establishing and distributing standard guidelines for facilities management, improving protective measures for forklifts, and procuring and distributing protective gears, etc.

Efforts to Improve Work Environment
Category Activity
Smart work environment
  • • Installed ‘wheel sorter’, an automatic sorter for big parcels in business sites
  • • Expanded MP, automatic sorter for small parcels in business sites(more than 80 sites as of 2021)
    • • Introduced and expanded the application of intelligence scanner(ITS) for the first time in industry(more than 300 ITSs as of 2021)
  • • Commercialized logistics robot for the first time
    → Effectively eased workers’ workload and reduced workhours
Healthy work environment • No Parcel Delivery Day for three days from Aug. 14th every year
→ Create healthy work conditions
Safe work environment • Support subscription cost for employment insurance and worker’s compensation insurance
→ Subscription rate to employment insurance and worker’s compensation insurance exceeded 90%

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