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Resource cycling campaign

Resource cycling campaign
Did you know?
Most household waste is not recycled.
It ends up in landfills or incinerators, harming the environment and releasing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases cause global temperatures to rise, driving climate change and adversely affecting people.
At CJ Logistics,
we have been thinking about our sustainable future.
How can we save the planet from the overabundance of non-recycled waste?
How can we contribute with our logistics business?

And we found the answer

circular logistics!

We launched a campaign to collect household waste and turn it into valuable resources.
You can be part of the movement!

Collect the items listed below and sign up for the campaign.
Our couriers will come to your home to collect them!

How to participate in the resource cycling campaign
  • Ready for Shipment
  • Request to Pickup
  • Parcel Delivery
Paper cartons Recycle paper cartons
for a greener future!
  • 01Rinse the paper cartons.
  • 02Spread out and dry.
  • 03Place them in a box and ask for collection.

* Please put more than 30 Tetra Pak/paper cartons per box.

Join Campaign
Used Mobile Phone Join our campaign to turn the old mobile phones in your drawer into a valuable resource!
  • 01Collect and reset used phones.
  • 02Sign up for the campaign.
  • 03Receive a collection pouch.
  • 04Place your old phone in the collection pouch.
  • 05Inform us of your collection pouch tracking number via the Nanum Phone notification app.

* Participant benefits: Carbon neutrality points and contribution receipts

Join Campaign
Our Performances
  • 9.7tons Paper cartons
  • 614units Used Mobile Phone
  • 183,700units Plastic Bottles
  • 955units Reusable Phones
  • 6.4tons Aluminum Cans

* The cumulative collection volume was based on performance through April 2024

Resource Circulation
for A Sustainable Future
aseptic packaging
Tetra Pak Resource Recycling Project (aseptic packaging)

The recycling rate of Tetra Pak aseptic packaging containers in Korea is only 2%.

Most of them are mishandled as general waste and end up adding to environmental pollution.

We have developed a sorting and separation system through the parcel delivery chain to create a cycle for Tetra Pak recycling.

Used Mobile Phone Urban Mine Project (used mobile phones)

Global e-waste is expected to reach 75 million tons by 2030. 80% of e-waste is illegally dumped or incinerated, causing significant pollution.

Due to their short lifespan, mobile phones are an important source of various rare metals. We use a nationwide network to collect used mobile phones. This resource cycling project will protect the environment.

used mobile phones
paper cartons
The MILKWAY Project (paper cartons)

Did you know that only 14% of paper cartons are recycled? They remain underutilized because they are often not separated of with other paper waste.

To address this issue, we launched a resource recycling campaign targeting daycare centers. We are creating a better natural environment with future generations.

We CAN Movement Project (aluminum cans)

Jirisan National Park is faced with 100 tons of garbage every year.

Due to its remote location on the outskirts of the city, it was difficult to collect the waste.

We uses its nationwide network to reliably collect used aluminum cans from national parks for recycling into raw materials.

aluminum cans
reusable phones
Reusable Phone Project (reusable phones)

Mobile phones, frequently replaced and posing a high risk of heavy metal contamination, urgently require active reuse.

To address this, we combined our parcel service with Media Log's mobile phone selling platform to launch the recycling service.

This service contributes to extending the lifecycle of mobile phones and further expanding the resource cycling.

Save The Planet Project (clear plastic bottles)

Clear plastic bottles are a high-quality recycle resource, but only 20-30% of them are recycled.

We utilized our network to efficiently collect and separate clear plastic bottles from hotels in Seoul, regardless of the quantity. This initiative enabled us to achieve "Bottle to Bottle" recycling.

Furthermore, we collaborated with Aromatica to produce green edition products, with all proceeds from sales donated to the CJ Welfare Foundation.

clear plastic bottles
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