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CJ Logistics, having started to involve in motorsports marketing in 2016 is an official title sponsor of the SUPERRACE Championship which contributes to wide-spreading dynamic motorsports culture in Korea and abroad.
As drivers compete against each other for lap speeds down to 1/1,000 of a second, the dynamic motorsport is getting popularity all over the world. This blink-of-an-eye sport reflects the very nature of logistics service industry, namely ‘speed’ and ‘accuracy’ and also represents CJ Logistics’ goal of becoming the leader in the global logistics market through advanced logistics technologies, differentiated customer services and incomparable competence in performances. The SUPERARCE Championship is the Korea’s largest motor racing. It is an officially recognized championship by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA), a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). This international sport event has been gaining fame across the country since 2006 as CJ Group sponsorship serves as a great momentum. Since 2013, the SUPERRACE Asia has been held in Korea, China and Japan, striving to be the best motorsports event in Asia.
CJ Logistics Racing
CJ Logistics Racing Team is a successor to CJ Racing Team which has won SUPERRACE Super 6000 Class Series Championships in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Thanks to joining of Korea’s top level driver Jin-woo Hwang and a rising star driver Jae-Hyun Kim, the team has been reinforced successfully.
  • Hwang Jin-woo(Manager / Driver)
    Hwang Jin-wooManager / Driver
    Starting his racing career on the Kart at age 15, Manager Jin-woo Hwang shows patience and Shrewdness in the thrilling races. Thanks to these unique characters, Hwang became a winner of the Korea Motor Sports Awards “The Driver of the Year” in 2013. He joined
    CJ Logistics Racing Team both as driver and manager and fans are looking forward with high expectations.
    Career and Achievements
    Hwang Jin-woo(Manager / Driver)
    Hwang Jin-woo
    Manager / Driver
    • 2016CJ Logistics SUPERRACE Championship Super 6000 Class Series: Round-3 3rd
    • 2015CJ Logistics SUPER-RACE Championship Super 6000 Class Series: 6th
    • 2014CJ Logistics SUPER-RACE Championship Super 6000 Class Series: 2nd
    • 2013CJ Logistics SUPER-RACE Championship Super 6000 Class Series Champion

  • Kim Jae Hyun(Driver)
    Kim Jae HyunDriver
    In 2018, he entered CJ Logistics Racing Team with his success in winning KARA’s Driver of the Year Award as a talented player in 2014.
    Kim Jae Hyun is a racer who is expected to put on a quite show with showmanship and driving skills in his young ages.
    Career and Achievements
    Kim Jae Hyun(Driver)
    Kim Jae Hyun
    • 2018Joined with CJ Logistics Racing Team
    • 2014Youngest to become a Champion of KSF Genesis 20 Class in Korea
    • 2014Driver of the Year Awarded by KARA
    • 2014Won Series of Genesis Coupe Championship 20 Class in KSF Championship
    • 2012Won Integrated Series of Korea Kart Championship

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