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CJ Logistics, having started to involve in motorsports marketing in 2016 is an official title sponsor of the SUPERRACE Championship which contributes to wide-spreading dynamic motorsports culture in Korea and abroad.
As drivers compete against each other for lap speeds down to 1/1,000 of a second, the dynamic motorsport is getting popularity all over the world. This blink-of-an-eye sport reflects the very nature of logistics service industry, namely ‘speed’ and ‘accuracy’ and also represents CJ Logistics’ goal of becoming the leader in the global logistics market through advanced logistics technologies, differentiated customer services and incomparable competence in performances. The SUPERRACE Championship is the Korea’s largest motor racing. It is an officially recognized championship by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA), a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). This international sport event has been gaining fame across the country since 2006 as CJ Group sponsorship serves as a great momentum. Since 2013, the SUPERRACE Asia has been held in Korea, China and Japan, striving to be the best motorsports event in Asia.
CJ Logistics Racing
CJ Logistics Racing Team is a successor to CJ Racing Team which has won SUPERRACE Super 6000 Class Series Championships in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. CJ Logistics Racing Team welcomes Sunghak Mun & Youn-il Jung, who are the top level drivers in Korea. The team has been reinforced successfully.
  • Sunghak MunDriver
    Started his racing career as a Kart driver at the age of 11, Sunghak Mun showed his talent to take upper rank spot in Korea and Japan. He studied abroad in the United Kingdom at the age of 14 for more experience in countries like France and Italy. In the Formula Renault series, he made his debut in the Formula Race and reached ninth in the rankings when he was 17. He became the youngest driver in the class and first Korean to compete in the European Race. Mun was recognized for his ability to advance to F2 (Formula 2) class for the first time as a Korean driver. He plans to unleash his driving skills in the Superrace by joining the CJ Logistics Racing Team in 2020.
    Career and Achievements
    Sunghak Mun
    • 2013F1 Test with Kumho Tires
    • 2013F1 Ambassador
    • 2010Participated in Formula BMW Asia
    • 2010Formula Renault World 3.0 Series Testing with E-Rain
    • 2009F3 Testing with Carlin Motorsport
    • 2008Participated in Formula Renault UK Championship
    • 2007Participated in the Formula Renault series
      (3rd place in 8 games / 9th in point ranking)
    • 2006Formula Renault 2.0 Test
    • 2006Participated in Italia Torneo Industrie International Cup
    • 2006Participated in the Italian Open Masters Championship
    • 2005Asia Pacific Kart Worldcup : 8th overall
    • 2003KART RACE IN SUZUKA YAMAHA KT100 series : 3rd place
    • 2001Participated in Korea Kart Championship

  • Youn-il JungDriver
    Jung Youn-il is considered a representative player for the first generation of Korea carts. Having stepped into motorsport through karts in 1998, he began to make his name known little by little by becoming the national kart champion in 2000. It debuted in 2015 in Super6000 class, the top class in Korea. From the first year of his debut, he even threw up to reach the top of the seventh round as a member of the team 106. He has competed in a total of 40 races until the 2019 season and climbed the podium six times. Since then, he has made his first relationship with CJ Logistics Racing Team last year. He got a love call from head coach Lee Jung-woong and joined as a driving coach to coach Moon Sung-hak and Choi Kwang-bin. And this season, he’is wearing a driver suit again. Fill in the gap of Choi Kwang-bin, who is away by joining the army. Everyone is paying attention to Jung Youn-il's performance, who returned as a driver after about three years.
    Career and Achievements
    Youn-il Jung
    • 2017CJ Logistics Super Race Championship SUPER6000 Class
      7th overall (2nd place in 3rd and 5th rounds)
    • 2016CJ Logistics Super Race Championship,
      6th place overall in SUPER6000th place
    • 2015CJ Hello Vision Super Race Championship
      5th place overall in SUPER6000 class
    • 2014GT Class 2nd Overall
    • 2013GT Class 5th Overall
    • 2012GT Class 3rd Overall
    • 2011Super 3800 2nd Overall
    • 2000Cart Race Formula 1800 Overall Champion
    • 1999Korea Kart Championship 2nd overall
    • 1998Introduction to Cart

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