One-Stop Logistics Solution

Leveraging the most comprehensive infrastructure in the nation,
CJ Logistics is realizing an industry leading logistics service.

Forwarding & International Express

We map out tailor-designed logistics process.

In addition to total logistics services such as air and sea transportation, customs clearance, storage and inland transportation of import and export cargo, and international express services in the global e-Commerce market.

Logistics Service
Comprehensive and accurate One-Stop Service and Global SCM consulting service
Visibility Service
Real-time tracking service for early warning & quick response, cost-saving and improved efficiency
Global e-Commerce
Fulfillment Service
We provide customized international express service for e-commerce with global logistics infrastructure and accumulated operational know-how

Total Logistics Service

We provide total logistics services in the export and import market.

  • Inland Transportation (origin)
  • Stevedoring & Outbound customs clearance
  • Air & Sea freight transportation
  • Stevedoring & Inbound customs clearance
  • Inland Transportation (destination)
  • Specialty Cargo Service
    • Customs clearance, stevedoring, and last-mile delivery at the destination require optimized logistics services for specialized cargo.
  • Haulage Service
    • Its authorized vendors’ assets and our fleet provide competitive haulage services in and around strategic hubs across the world.
  • Air & Sea Forwarding
    • Air Freight : Single pallet systems ensure speedy customs clearance and fast delivery service
    • Sea Freight : Integrated container and bulk cargo services provide “Door-to-Door” and “Port-to-Port” delivery.
  • Multimodal Transportation Service
    • Sea & Air Service : Low-cost sea service and speedy air service are combined for providing the best logistics solutions.
    • Point-Point Service : Air and inland services are combined for ensuring fastest delivery.
  • International Exhibition Service
    • Exhibit and special cargo services provide safe transportation, installation of precision machineries, high-valued items, antiques, and cultural artifacts.
  • Global SCM Consulting
    • Our goal is to make Tailored global SCM consulting and integrated logistics management easier than ever by using professional know-how such as allocation analysis, transportation/delivery rationalization, layout diagnosis, operation index management, and improved value-added service.

Single Visibility Service

Real-time tracking allows you to see the location of your valuable import & export goods on a map.

  • Mobile Service

    Single visibility allows you to track the cargo and freight volume on a map using your mobile devices.

  • Overseas Partnership

    Arrival Notice / Cargo Tracking

    CJ Logistics and its global partners collaborate on increased logistics efficiency in shipping notice and cargo tracking.

  • Global Tracking Service

    Real-time Cargo Tracking

    It provides a real-time cargo location every 3 hours.

  • Logistics Costs Analysis

    Systematic distribution cost analysis / management

    This management system targets annual logistics costs and local freight rates in a systematic way.

International Express

Dedicated to provide a fast and reliable international express service over 220 countries.

  • Collecting & Warehousing
  • Storage
  • Pick-up & Packing
  • Lading
  • Stevedoring & Outbound customs clearance
  • Air & Sea freight transportation
  • Inbound customs clearance
  • Delivery
  • B2B/B2C
  • Global e-Commerce
    One-Stop service ranging from inventory management and parcel packing to international shipping, based on GFC (Global Fulfillment Center) and operational knowhow
    Highly tailored customer service (any selected stages of logistics processes)
    Logistics consulting service
  • Corporate Customer
    Customs broker license and CJ Logistics’ warehouses ensure speedy customs clearances
    CJ Logistics’ value chain and partners’ assets combined network for timely customer service
    Exclusive IT solution service
    Logistics consulting service
    Tailored specialty service
    Special service with national carriers
  • Individual Customer
    Pin-point international transportation service with authorized shipping outlets(ASOs) and  agents
    Shipping service at local ASOs (Convenience store franchise “CU”, “GS25”)
    *Pick-up service is not available.
  • World Wide Service
    Win-Win service based on the global network of CJ Logistics' value chain and international courier service providers
    Service in Middle East market through an exclusive partnership with aramex. (collaboration with Korea Chamber of Business)

Business Portfolio

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