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Excellent infrastructures and advanced logistics technologies make CJ Logistics a game changer in the parcel market.


Advanced technologies & facilities enable us to provide differentiated customer services.

Korea’s largest logistics infrastructure & assets

  • Operating 6 hub-terminals, 3 local hub-terminals, 4 consolidation hub-terminals in Seoul conurbation and 270 sub-terminals across the country
  • Asia’s largest mega hub-terminal will open in June 2018 (its floor area is equivalent to size of 40 football fields).
  • Country’s most sophisticated delivery network consisting of 24,000 shipping outlets and 17,000 delivery truck drivers

Cutting-edge Automation System Powered by TES

  • Customer satisfaction earned by ‘Same Day Parcel Delivery Service’ and ‘Delivery & Installation Service’.
  • Customer delight earned by ‘One-day parcel delivery service’ and ‘Delivery & installation service’
  • We are fully dedicated to achieve highest employee benefits, lowest separation rate, and excellent customer service.

First Mobile Concierge Service in Logistics Industry

  • 7.1 million downloads of CJ Logistics’ parcel service application support customers to have a mobile concierge access including pick-up reservation, return shipment, and tracking.
  • Introduction of Korea’s first AI-powered customer service ‘Chat-Bot’ and visible ARS improves customer experience.

Excellent infrastructure enables CJ Logistics to deliver
the best services for customer delight.

  • Local Network290locations
    CJ Logistics operates 13 hub-terminals and 270 sub-terminals in Korea. We are recognized to possess Asia’s largest mega-hub terminal with cutting edge technology will finish constructing in 2018.
  • Daily Parcel Box Handling Capability6,671,000parcels
    We are the leading parcel service provider in the domestic market with Korea’s largest infrastructure and delivery networks with high density. We pursue accurate and timely delivery of maximum 5.28 million boxes (4 times more than competitors') in a day.
  • Transportation Fleet19,000vehicles
    The best parcel service is supported by 19,000 vehicles (16,000 for local delivery and 3,000 for long-haul).
  • Market Share48.2%
    CJ Logistics enhances the quality of service with a largest number of truck drivers.
  • Annual Handling Capability1.22BIL Parcels
    Unparalleled service volume. 1,220 million deliveries in a year
  • Korea's No.1 Parcel Service Provider1st
    We are the proud service provider awarded by Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) for the nine consecutive years. We guarantee a series of award-winning for incomparable competencies and high quality customer service.

Specialized Customer Service

26,000 Shipping Outlets
18,000 Last-mile Delivery Service Personnel Ready to Serve Customers in 10-Minute Drive

(*Local ASOs: DAISO outlets and convenience stores; as of September 2018)

Specialized Customer Service

Investing in The
Asia’s largest mega hub terminal

CJ Logistics will open Asia’s largest mega hub terminal in June 2018. 1.7 million parcels will be handled in a day through 43 Km long conveyor belt on vast area of 300,000m2. The cutting-edge technology terminal will allow us to deliver faster and reliable customer service.

  • Asia’s largest logistics infrastructure

    • Gross Area: 300,000㎡(Size of 40 football fields)
    • Warehouse Area: 110,000㎡ (Size of 15 football fields)
    • Total conveyor-belt length: 43 Km. (Full marathon course)
  • Korea’s First Automation System

    • five-sided barcode reader.
    • Accommodating 850 cargo trucks (payload: 11 tons +) and sorting cargo.
    • Processing 1.72 million packages in a day (as per 12 working hours).
  • e-Commerce Fulfillment Center

    • Providing the best Total One-Stop logistics service
      (storage, processing & distribution, delivery) is our priority.

Beyond its domestic market power,
CJ Logistics extends its frontier to the global market.

  • Global Presence 4countries

    With the effort to increase the worldwide network, we plan to increase our presence in 7+ countries over Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Philippines by 2020.

  • Global Network94locations

    We continue to strengthen its parcel service quality and advanced logistics technologies over 4 hub-terminals and 90 sub-terminals in 4 countries.

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