CJ Logistics will create a transparent and sharing culture through ethical management.


CJ Logistics will create value for various stakeholders
based on ethical management
and become the world’s top-notch
company in ethical management.

CJ Logistics CEO, Sin Ho Kang

CJ Logistics has grown based on the choice and concentration of structural competitiveness with innovative growth, “super-gap” competency, top talent and striving to become the true global leading logistics company beyond Korea by developing innovative business models.

We have established a code of conduct (the promise of CJ employees) to comply with the high level of ethical standards demanded by the changing times and environment for sustainable growth and development as a top-notch global company. All employees have signed the ‘Pledge for Ethical Management Practices’ to implement the code of conduct.

Furthermore, we have set the right direction for job accomplishments by establishing guidelines for the code of conduct to settle the ethical management culture and are continuously carrying out activities in which all employees may also participate voluntarily in ethical management, such as training and evaluation.
We look forward to your encouragement and support for CJ Logistics to grow into a respected and loved company in the relationships we build with our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners and the global community to become a top-notch global company through ethical management.

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