Business B&G Foods : Stocking up and Streamlining into More Pantries
2019. 09. 07

B&G Foods is a U.S. food retailing giant that owns more than 50 food brands familiar to foodies in North America as well as around the world, including Green Giant, Ortega, SnackWell's, Cream of Wheat and Back to Nature. The rapidly-growing B&G Foods is planning to get into its stride to expand the business into global markets including Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.

A Logistics-based Growth Jointly Achieved by B&G Foods and DSC Logistics

After drastically scaling up its business through multiple M&As five years ago, B&G Foods has focused on increasing the efficiency of its logistics operations with an aim to achieve rapid and stable growth. The first thing B&G Foods did to streamline its logistics was collaborating with DSC Logistics.

A New Family company of CJ Logistics based in U.S., DSC Logistics is a logistics company that specializes in the W&D area tailored to the U.S.’s food and CPG industries. Of particular note about DSC Logistics is that the company has a robust large-scale logistics infrastructure and transportation network that allow for keeping products fresh.

In addition, B&G Foods has endeavored not only to expand the logistics and distribution of its food products but also to revamp its infrastructure to ensure infrastructural efficiency. Based on a close consultation, DSC Logistics proposed introduction of optimized facilities and solutions to B&G Foods, with which B&G Foods achieved efficient infrastructural growth.

B&G Foods also operated hub centers and customer-specific centers covering the South, Midwest, Northeast, and West of the U.S., Further, the company secured operational visibility through the dashboard-based management of center indexes. As a result, B&G Foods has achieved rapid growth and stable expansion of its logistics operations. As such, B&G Foods, together with DSC Logistics, has attained significant growth.

This has created an exemplary case of mutual growth through the sharing of corporate visions between B&G Foods and DSC Logistics. Leveraging not only this shared success but also CJ Logistics' TES-based innovative logistics technology, B&G Foods is expected to further increase the efficiency of its logistics operations and stably expand its business.

Now, let's hear the story of B&G Foods and DSC Logistics, whose collaboration will continue to serve as a case of a successful advanced logistics service through synergy with CJ Logistics.

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