Business Spreading cutting-edge Logistics globally! CJ Logistics launched 'Smart Hub Bangna' in Thailand
2019. 12. 18

'The Global SCM Innovator' CJ Logistics has been strengthening the awareness in the global market with its advanced logistics technology. We are expanding our business through the localization of Korean delivery platforms, such as the construction of a state-of-the-art logistics center with 400,000 parcel boxes processing daily in Thailand, where the e-commerce market is growing rapidly.

| Advanced automation logistics center presented in Bangna, Thailand's largest distribution complex.

Since mid-August, CJ Logistics has been operating the Smart Hub Bangna, a central logistics center of 71,900 square meters in Bangkok, Thailand.

CJ Logistics Smart Hub Bangna

Smart Hub Bangna is equipped with the automatic sorting equipment called ‘Wheel Sorter’. It can accurately classify up to 400,000 boxes per day. This amount is counted as 13% of the 3 million boxes in the entire parcel market in Thailand, which is currently the largest distribution center in Thailand.

The parcel market in Thailand is experiencing a surge in e-commerce due to the rapid expansion of mobile devices. E-commerce in Thailand reached $23 billion (about 27.2 trillion Won) in 2017. It is predicted that 50% of the total retail sales will be generated online by 2020. In particular, Thai government plans to make Thailand as an Asian economic hub by fostering high-tech industries and supporting the introduction of electronic payment systems in conjunction with the Thai 4.0 policy.

CJ Logistics Smart Hub Bangna

In line with this, CJ Logistics aims to quickly become a major logistics company based on aggressive parcel delivery infrastructure investment in the Thai market, network expansion and proven automation services in the Korean parcel delivery market.

CJ Logistics Smart Hub Bangna

| Build a Tight Logistics Network throughout Southeast Asia
Since 1998, CJ Logistics has been providing one-stop logistics services to local and multinational companies, including contract logistics (CL), forwarding for import and export and transportation in Thailand. In the first half of this year in 2019, Korea-Thailand export volume is 74,000TEU, accounting for more than 10% of Southeast Asia's export volume.

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics is focusing on spreading Korean style Logistics services not only in Thailand, but also to new and southern hubs such as Malaysia and Vietnam. In September of 2016, the company established CJ Century Logistics, a Malaysian logistics company and CJ Transnational Philippines, a joint venture with TDG Group in the Philippines in December of the same year. We are building a tight global network across the region by acquiring the Vietnam’s biggest integrated logistics company called CJ Gemadept Logistics.

CJ Logistics Smart Hub Bangna

CJ Logistics currently operates under 276 bases in 153 cities within 40 countries around the world. We are equipped with advanced convergence technology, engineering, information technology (IT) and consulting based on TES (Technology, Engineering, System & Solution) capabilities. We are leading the way in logistics advancement. Please take a closer look for the global growth of CJ Logistics.

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