Trend Car camping trends for a private, quiet holiday
2021. 06. 29

In this pandemic era, there is a new trend in recreation and leisure: activities enjoyed alone or in the company of a small group of friends. According to the CJ Logistics Trend Report, “Daily Life Report 2020-21,” the number of products related to camping and sleeping in cars has increased significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19. Looking at big data, let’s take a peek into the world of camping and sleeping in cars that has become the hottest trend in non-face-to-face leisure activities.

Trips that maintain social distance : The new, uncharted trend


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, a new way of relaxing and recharging emerged: camping and sleeping in a car on a road trip. Making reservations at camp sites has become so competitive, with people starting to head to camp sites for a prolonged stay in nature instead of going home after work. Car camping, parking a car in a scenic spot to spend the night in the car, also creates time for healing and refreshment. Camping in itself and car camping are expected to continue to be one of the most popular forms of recreation as a non-face-to-face travel option in line with the trend of R&R.

Camping and sleeping-in-a-car trend as told by big data from CJ Logistics

Items Amount increased YoY
Car tents up 440%
Air Mattress and Self inflating camping pads up 316%
Camping/car tables and folding boxes up 168%
Firewood and charcoal up 114%

Electric generators and batteries up 78%
Tents and accessories up 69%
Iceboxes up up 11%

Popular summer camping foods
Against the same period yoy (Jul-Aug)
up 325%

Popular winter camping foods
Skewered chicken
Against the same period yoy (Dec)
up 202%

With the increased popularity of camping and car camping as the latest travel trend, sales in products from related industries including cars, food and distribution, are also rising. The CJ Logistics Trend Report, “Daily Life Report 2020-21” shows that the number of relevant goods has skyrocketed. For instance, the number of car tents rose 440%; air mattress, air mattress, air blocks and self inflating pads rose 316%; and camping and car tables/folding boxes rose 168%.

As COVID-19 continued for an extended period of time, delivery of tent accessories jumped especially in June and July when the summer holiday season started. Car tents, air blocks, and self inflating pads are proving their popularity with steady increases in volume starting in July, while the quantity of tables and folding boxes boosted between April and October. Isn't the real charm of camping eating tasty meals you enjoy outdoors? Camping menus have become more diverse as people list eating as a reason to go camping. In summer, the number of scallops jumped by 325% year-on-year, and in winter, the volume of chicken skewers was up 202% compared to December of the previous year.

Logistics services by CJ Logistics that spice up camping and car camping


Camping food cannot be complete without meal kits and fresh food if you are looking for delicacies that are also easy to cook. Fresh food you receive early in the morning when you are just about to head out makes your camping experience tastier. Quick, accurate fresh food delivery is possible thanks to our full cold chain logistics system that maintains proper temperatures in all stages of storage, distribution and delivery. CJ Logistics’ cold chain logistics system keeps food fresh with temperature and humidity control based on multiple solutions including Cool Guardian and Delivery Tracking System (DTS).

Last year, the volume of vegetables increased by 105% yoy, while the volume of seafood/fishery products rose by 81% and fruits by 57%. Early morning shipments showed a sharp increase compared to the previous year and went up by 181% as the COVID-19 situation intensified. We are getting used to the convenience of receiving fresh ingredients right at the door. In April of this year, CJ Logistics signed an MOU with internet grocery platform Market Kurly for logistics cooperation. Early morning delivery, which was limited to Greater Seoul, is slated to become a nationwide service, starting with Chungcheong Province. Now, more consumers across the country will experience the convenience of fresh food delivery.


Logistics is closely woven into our daily lives. Logistics companies are always mulling over what consumers want and what would make our lives more convenient. The result of these reflections is the e-Fulfillment service, built on innovative logistics technologies. CJ Logistics has an e-Fulfillment center at the CJ Logistics Megahub Gonjiam, the largest logistics center in Asia, where it offers a one-stop service, warehousing goods and shipping them as soon as orders come in. This means that customers can place orders before 12 a.m. and receive products at their doorstep the next day.

Logistics continues to change along with the continued shifts in daily life such as the trend for camping, car camping and fresh food. The logistics service provided by CJ Logistics is becoming an essential daily service for healthier, more convenient, and more enjoyable times.

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