Business Shopping directly from foreign webstores to personalized delivery, meet the Global eCommerce of CJ Logistics
2021. 08. 30

With the explosive growth of contactless consumption, the global eCommerce market for making direct orders from overseas retailers is also soaring. This diversified form of delivery is widening the role of logistics services, with global logistics giants now scrambling to take the lead in the eCommerce industry. Today, we’ll look into the differentiated global eCommerce system offered by CJ Logistics, bringing about cutting-edge logistics that crosses borders from offshore direct purchase to customized delivery with its advanced global logistics infrastructure and facilities.

Fast and accurate, a logistics center dedicated to global eCommerce


In the non-face-to-face era, which has been brought about by COVID-19, many aspects of our daily life have changed as a result of the prolonged pandemic. This also has to do with the steady increase in the number of direct buyers using overseas internet shopping malls. In Q2 this year, the amount of direct purchase increased by 22.6% compared to the previous year. The volume of goods from foreign sellers CJ Logistics handled in H1 this year also escalated by 2.5 times that of last year.
CJ Logistics modularizes the entire logistics process for directly purchased goods, offering an array of optimized services starting from the collection of cargo from overseas sites to parcel forwarding in Korea. CJ Logistics, the No. 1 direct purchase company based on annual handling volume, operates an Inbound Custom Clearance (ICC) center in the Free Trade Zone, Incheon International Airport.

The center is dedicated solely to processing goods purchased directly from overseas online malls. The 29,428 ㎡ center, approximately the size of four soccer fields, has state-of-the-art logistics facilities, such as high-speed X-rays for internal customs clearance and automatic cross-belt cargo sorters, which speeds up and enhances the accuracy of delivery. With the same-day customs clearance rate topping 99%, the ICC center plays a pivotal role for speedy customs clearance and inland delivery of directly purchased goods.

Cross-border eCommerce from order to delivery


Have you ever bought something directly from foreign online malls? When a consumer buys a product from direct purchase agents or a foreign shopping mall online, a global logistics company that has signed a contract with that particular retailer goes through local transportation, customs clearance, and air cargo. Once goods have cleared customs, the consumer finally receives the product via a domestic parcel service. Now, with the era of cross-border logistics, orders made by consumers using online or mobile channels break down borders between countries, accelerating cross-border eCommerce.

CJ Logistics is processing the complete overseas delivery process quickly and accurately through cross-border eCommerce fulfillment. Cross-border eCommerce fulfillment refers to storage and added services as ordered by a customer, customs clearance, and parcel services in Korea, abroad, and between foreign countries. This new type of service is made possible by CJ Logistics’ advanced global logistics infrastructure, which operates in over 279 sites in 154 cities of 40 countries. Having achieved impressive growth as a global integrated logistics company since 2013, CJ Logistics has put forward a one-stop global logistics solution by building a global logistics network that connects the world.


There’s another international eCommerce logistics center, CJ Logistics Incheon GDC Center, in the Free Trade Zone of the Incheon International Airport. Incheon GDC Center, currently gaining recognition as Asia’s innovative logistics hub, has introduced the latest automated solutions, such as QPS, W-Navigator, Suggestion Box Solution (SBS), smart packaging and Cool Guardian System for fast orders and shipment service. CJ Logistics’ commitment to satisfy all kinds of demands by customers and consumers in the global eCommerce market is revealed by its cutting-edge logistics technology.

Reinforcing competitiveness in the global eCommerce


CJ Darcl currently imports and sells a total of 40 items from Korea by operating an Atomy Fulfilment Center. The center performs the full logistics process beginning with customs clearance and storage, and even down to the parcel service. CJ Logistics is expanding its presence as a global logistics company by aggressively implementing the logistics business in India in partnership with CJ Darcl Logistics, the largest transportation company in India. CJ Darcl’s outstanding transportation capabilities combined with CJ Logistics’ state-of-the-art logistics center built on the advanced TES technology provide a strong advantage against the competition.

CJ Logistics is a logistics partner of Cainiao, an Alibaba subsidiary offering optimal logistics services to eCommerce products shipped from Korea to China. Advanced sorting facilities and systems developed by CJ Logistics are deployed in Cainiao’s global fulfillment center in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do. Korean retailors in any of the Chinese distribution platforms from the Alibaba Group can use this center to manage cargo, storage, fulfilment and exports in China quickly and precisely. This will help dramatically improve the efficiency of the entire process. The fulfillment center is also invigorating eCommerce between Seoul and Beijing.

In April, CJ Logistic signed an MOU with Buy2Sell Vietnam to further broaden its global eCommerce logistics service. Buy2Sell Vietnam is the largest eCommerce platform in Vietnam, distributing over 200,000 products to more than 60 countries worldwide. It is known to have well over 120,000 wholesalers in the country. CJ Logistics is anticipated to accelerate its integrated logistics service for sellers and buyers of both Korea and Vietnam.

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