2021. 10. 29

Did you know that even sports activities show how Generation MZ values personal taste and individuality? Golf and motorsports are rising as new hobbies among Generation MZ, who have been longing to be able to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, while the interest in esports is also growing more and more due to the rapid digitalization. Check out the sports trends Generation MZ love, along with the PGA hosted and sponsored by CJ Logistics, as well as the Superrace Championship and eSuperrace, which lead the motorsports culture in Korea.

Sports trends that Generation MZ loves

MZ세대가 사랑하는 스포츠 트렌드

There is something special about the sports Generation MZ (millennials + Generation Z) are crazy about. Golf, which had previously been considered as sports for the middle aged, is in the spotlight as a popular hobby among Generation MZ, turning the atmosphere on the golf course to one that is young and stylish. The benefits of a wide, open golf course that allows social distancing in the COVID-19 pandemic meet the needs of the youth not just as a sports activity but also as a vacation spot. This trend is receiving attention as ‘sportcation (sport + vacation)’ among Generation MZ, as they are able to also go on a vacation for both sports and leisure.

This new coinage fully conveys the disposition of Generation MZ with their interest in self-discipline and how they value unique experiences. There is also another field of sports that is capturing Generation MZ’s attention in this prolonged pandemic: ‘esports’ played on digital channels. Esports activities and competitions applying IT, such as AI, are attracting Generation MZ all around the world with the advanced online broadcasting system.

The dynamic and exciting world of motorsports

박진감 넘치는 모터스포츠의 세계

The charm of motorsports lies in being able to enjoy, either directly or indirectly, the dynamic and exciting speed that makes you feel like your heart might explode. Having sponsored the Superrace Championship since 2016 as an official title sponsor, CJ Logistics continues to sponsor the contest and operate the racing teams in 2021, taking the lead in spreading the dynamic motorsports culture.

In the season of 2021, there was in particular an improvement in the broadcasting system to capture the vividness and realism of motorsports in the COVID-19 pandemic. The telemetry system was upgraded to provide new and original screen layouts to provide all kinds of information. The distance gaps and speeds of the competing drivers were compared, such as speed, RPM, driving distance, expected passing point, and ranking prediction information. In addition, expected lap time and ranking were also displayed on the screen real-time during the broadcast. Racing drones were also adopted for the first time, which captured dynamic scenes and made the competition more interesting, proving the high technological skills of the upgraded broadcasting system.

The Championship, which began in May, is currently halfway through the season and now has only two double rounds left in November. The season’s final champion will be determined in Round 8, and so will the first CJ Logistics Fastest Lap Award winner. It is still unclear who will finally win the last two races, so the motorsports fans are in for a thrilling journey. Don’t miss the last round of the thrilling motorsports along with various ongoing events on the sports SNS channel provided by CJ Logistics.

The race of esports: Enjoying a new paradigm

박진감 넘치는 모터스포츠의 세계

Esports racing is also just as thrilling as motorsports, with exciting races that capture the attention of people from all over. The global pandemic is accelerating the shift of motorsports into the digital platform, bringing down the entry barriers of high cost and inviting different groups of people, such as Generation MZ, into the basic events. Along with the racing method, which does not create any environmental issues, and the future paradigm that connects to the 3D virtual world, esports is becoming more common and popular.

박진감 넘치는 모터스포츠의 세계

Having hosted Korea’s best and biggest motorsports competition, Superrace Co., Ltd. successfully rounded off the first season of ‘eSuperrace’ last year. This year, the competition is back as the new ‘2021 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance eSuperrace Championship’. Starting with the opening race on October 18th, this contest will be held until December 13th. As with last year, CJ Logistics will actively support and promote digital motorsports as a sponsor of the eSuperrace Championship. Check out the new races at 8 p.m. every Monday on the Superrace website, YouTube, Facebook, and the eSuperrace TikTok channel.
THE CJ CUP with the world’s best players all in one place

세계 최고 선수가 한자리에 모인 THE CJ CUP

CJ Logistics is serving as a bridgehead for the development of golf in Korea by sponsoring the world’s best golf tournament. The company began its active sports marketing in 2017 as the first in Korea to host ‘THE CJ CUP’, an official PGA tournament. Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, THE CJ CUP has been held successfully for four days from October 14th at The Summit Club located in Las Vegas, Nevada, capturing the attention of global golf fans. There had been high expectations even before the tournament with the news that 7 out of the top 10 golfers in the world rankings would be participating in THE CJ CUP.

세계 최고 선수가 한자리에 모인 THE CJ CUP

A total of 78 world-class golfers participated in this tournament, and the CJ Logistics golfers representing Korea including Sungjae Im, Si Woo Kim, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Byeong Hun An, and Sung Kang in particular played an incredible game. Sungjae Im finished at 20-under-par 268 and tied for ninth place. Who won though? Rory McIlroy (UK) earned his 20th PGA Tour title with 25-under-par 263 total. CJ Logistics showed successful sports marketing once again by broadcasting 2021 THE CJ CUP to 1 billion households in 226 countries worldwide. Join CJ Logistics in supporting and encouraging golfers from all around the world.

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