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Newly Launched Simple Estimate Service for Small and Medium e-Commerce Sellers
2022. 09. 16

e-Commerce sellers are living in the heyday, in which anyone from office workers who jump into a side job to individuals can become e-Commerce sellers. Small and medium-sized sellers who create more than half of the e-Commerce trading volume make the e-Commerce ecosystem more diverse. However, they face a difficulty amid the overheating market competition. This is because the seller simultaneously takes care of multiple jobs such as producing, marketing, storing, managing orders, packaging, shipping, and customer service. CJ Logistics’ Simple Estimate service is launched for e-Commerce sellers to achieve differentiated business competitiveness.


In the heyday of e-Commerce sellers, the key to business growth is ‘logistics’

As of the second quarter of 2022, 500,000 small and medium-sized sellers have opened their online stores on NAVER, accounting for 64% of NAVER Shopping and amounting to 6.6 trillion won transactions. (Source: 2022 NAVER Performance Announcement Conference) The more e-Commerce users join the market, the higher competition customer requirements become diverse and complex. Meanwhile, one of the biggest concerns for e-Commerce sellers is logistics. Due to the nature of the e-Commerce business dealing with small batch production, event volume, and return management, the sellers are in need to be supported with flexible and smooth logistics. Therefore, CJ Logistics launched e-Commerce Simple Estimate service to provide e-Fulfillment, a specialized e-Commerce logistics service. This service allows e-Commerce sellers to easily make logistics estimates anytime and anywhere through mobile and PC and help better operating for small and medium-sized sellers to solve their concerns.

 * Simple Estimate service is available only in Korea


Simple Estimate service will double the convenience of operation. Entering simple logistics information, e-Commerce sellers can receive estimates in real-time without waiting in lines for such small quantities. Above all, CJ Logistics’ e-Commerce Simple Estimate service helps save time by about 7 days compared to the existing process, giving small and medium-sized sellers time efficiency.

Fast e-Commerce Simple Estimate service at anytime, anywhere

e-Commerce Simple Estimate service allows sellers to make e-Commerce logistics estimates by simply entering product information such as sales volume on CJ Logistics’ official website. e-Commerce sellers enable check their logistics estimates anytime with their mobile devices. Customized logistics solutions are available for those who want to receive from CJ Logistics’ logistics experts based on the estimate results.

Once entering company, product, warehousing/storage and shipping information for the Simple Estimate service, e-Commerce sellers receive an estimate via e-mail. Of course, they can contact CJ Logistics sales representative with more specific questions. This will be the first step for e-Commerce sellers to handle complex logistics in a simple and efficient way.


E-Commerce Simple Estimating service

In addition, CJ Logistics will provide the industry trend and various logistics news to customers who use Simple Estimate service to better experience the service. Instead of spending much time on logistics, CJ Logistics supports small and medium-sized sellers to focus and grow by strengthening their business competitiveness, such as product development, promotion, and marketing.


CJ Logistics e-Fulfillment, business competitiveness of small and medium-sized e-Commerce sellers

Using e-Commerce Simple Estimate service, e-Commerce sellers can experience CJ Logistics e-Fulfillment. CJ Logistics e-Fulfillment offers a variety of delivery options, including early morning delivery and same-day delivery in its well-established delivery network and infrastructure. It also supports customized logistics services for each industry group, such as refrigeration, freezing, fashion, beauty, household goods, electronics, living, and books.

Small and medium-sized sellers put efforts into a more competitive edge in the fast-growing e-Commerce market to cater to demanding consumers. CJ Logistics will identify their needs with e-Fulfillment service and increase competitiveness in logistics. It offers a differentiated service that provides the One-Stop logistics process from order management, storage to delivery. CJ Logistics has the largest logistics infrastructure in South Korea with Fulfillment Center, which provides the 3-Temperature (refrigerating, freezing, room temperature), the Smart Fulfillment Center, and Mega Hub Gonjiam, thus introducing faster and more stable innovative logistics solutions. CJ Logistics will provide a high level of customized logistics service for small and medium-sized sellers who are growing their e-Commerce business.


CJ Logistics continues innovation to provide more efficient and convenient logistics services based on its in-depth expertise in e-Commerce logistics. CJ Logistics connects small and medium e-Commerce sellers to e-Commerce logistics and expand the growth.


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