Business A to Z of Contract Logistics: customized logistics solution
2022. 12. 15

Companies not only study consumer needs and produce products they want, but they also take care of the logistics process to deliver their products to the customers in the best condition. They need a tailored logistics solution that suits each of the many different products being delivered, ranging from daily consumables, foods and medicines, which are sensitive to temperature and have an expiry date, to digital consumer electronics, and fashion and beauty products, which are sensitive to trends.

So, let’s explore the A to Z of CJ Logistics’ customized business logistics consulting service based on the company’s cutting-edge equipment, infrastructure and extensive networks.

the A to Z of CJ Logisticsthe A to Z of CJ Logistics

The evolving innovative logistics solution with fast-moving robots and real-time monitoring

Now, distribution centers are operating by robots. Human-based distribution centers are transforming into automated centers through automation, unmanned operation, and datafication. CJ Logistics’ Contract Logistics offers innovative solutions throughout the whole process of logistics, ranging from receiving and inventory control to assorting, processing, picking, packaging, inspection, releasing and shipping.

Our advanced systems, including assorting automation systems, such as DAS (Digital Assorting System), PAS (Piece Assorting System), and W-navigator (Warehouse-navigator), as well as a weight checker and smart packaging technology, enable faster and more accurate logistics processing. We have also continuously introduced innovative automation equipment, including QPS (Quick Picking System), AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), Depalletizer, Miniload, and unmanned forklift, thereby maximizing logistics operation efficiency and productivity.

In addition, our data-based IT systems enable us to check logistics status in real time. Datafication of the whole logistics process and the interface coupling based on CJ Logistics WMS (Warehouse Management System) have also minimized unnecessary data management. We conduct integrated management of customer product data, have reduced data errors, and have gained logistics flexibility by predicting freight volume based on ordering history data. We are also able to respond to emergency situations faster by monitoring various statuses, including Inbound/releasing, inventory including expiry dates, field work, releasing, and delivery.

Customized solution tailored to each type of cargo, from foods to pharmaceuticals and also to fashion and beauty

Logistics for some products, including restaurant and franchise products, bakery, foods, ingredients, and pharmaceuticals, requires stringent control of temperature and humidity. To resolve this challenge, CJ Logistics’ Contract Logistics offers high-precision cold chain solutions.

We offer storage and transportation services that suit the temperature range of each product, including room temperature, low temperature, and refrigeration. Plus, our IoT-based Smart Cool Guardian System enables us to maintain an optimal environment by measuring the temperature and humidity in real time with sensors installed at many points of the distribution center. We also use DTS (Digital Transportation System) to check the route, temperature status, and delivery progress of trucks, with the data that is collected from the system being shared in real time with both the manager and the customer. The excellence of CJ Logistics’ cold chain solution, which has been providing a successful solution to this challenge of temperature and humidity management for years now, is evidenced by the fact that we have been working with a world-famous coffee franchiser for more than a decade.

Customized solution tailored to each type of cargo, from foods to pharmaceuticals and also to fashion and beautyCustomized solution tailored to each type of cargo, from foods to pharmaceuticals and also to fashion and beauty

With the development of e-Commerce, Contract Logistics now requires an online/offline integrated logistics solution with which companies can operate not only delivery between stores but also direct delivery to consumers. Without this integrated logistics solution, these companies will face logistics inefficiencies, which will make it difficult to respond to consumer orders quickly, resulting in the increase in logistics costs.

CJ Logistics offers an online/offline integrated logistics solution that is ideal for businesses. To ensure optimized logistics operation, we provide a customized consulting service starting right from the design phase of the distribution center. We design the optimal logistics process, ranging from Inbound to release, by using digital twin technology, and also provide a one-stop solution covering the introduction of automation equipment and the establishment of an integrated logistics network. CJ Logistics has been operating the online/offline integrated logistics solution for Korea’s largest beauty store brand, and this experience will lead to a solution for challenges confronting many e-Commerce companies.


using eco-friendly packaging and buffers


introducing electric vehicles


using eco-friendly packaging and buffers

introducing electric vehicles

We will continue to innovate logistics to support the growth of businesses and improve convenience and satisfaction for the consumers. As part of our ESG management, we also work with our customers to actualize eco-friendly logistics, for example, by introducing electric vehicles, and using eco-friendly packaging and buffers. CJ Logistics’ Contract Logistics delivers new values from customers and consumers beyond logistics innovation to the environment.

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