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Digital Transport Platform ‘the unban’
2023. 09. 20


CJ Logistics has launched a transport platform called ‘the unban,’ connecting shippers and carriers directly by merging over 90 years of accumulated logistics know-how with innovative technologies. ‘the unban’ provides a transparent and rational freight cost and an efficient work process, all powered by AI and big data technologies. Let's explore the evolving transport market through this beneficial platform that shippers and carriers will appreciate.

With the advancement of online commerce, platforms that link suppliers and consumers have become more critical than ever. Thanks to platforms that reduce fees and enhance accessibility, industries spanning shopping, healthcare, travel, and sports have laid the foundation for growth. Although the domestic transport market, valued at approximately 31 trillion won, continually expands, it lags in digital transformation compared to other industries and faces inefficiencies due to a multi-layered transaction structure, resulting in high fees.

CJ Logistics introduced 'the unban' to bridge the gap directly between shippers and carriers, addressing entrenched transport issues and bringing a transformative wind to the freight transport market.


Rational Freight Costs Through Direct Connections 

Historically, the transport market relied on analog business practices, forcing shippers and carriers to depend on intermediaries without precise information about one another. This dependence resulted in high fees and decreased service quality. Unlike generic platforms focusing merely on 'connections,' CJ Logistics has created a refined platform rooted in logistics big data and transport expertise. This system factors cargo type, route, distance, and external information such as weather conditions, fuel prices, and seasons, proposing AI-driven real-time optimal freight costs. This approach contrasts with some intermediaries' practices of arbitrarily determining fees based on subjective experience. Instead, it ensures transparent and rational freight pricing through cutting-edge technology. 


Smart Matching through AI, Big Data, and Blockchain Technologies 

'the unban' utilizes CJ Logistics' over 90 years of logistics experience and advanced technology to link shippers and carriers, identifying the best transport routes. Using AI, it offers tailored matching services considering the shipper's order details, the carrier's current location, preferred transport sections, the route to the loading point, and estimated travel time. Moreover, its proprietary algorithms predict future traffic volumes to recommend the best routes. Implementing blockchain technology later this year will introduce tamper-proof electronic receipts, aiming to minimize potential disputes between shippers and carriers. 

Digital Solutions for Convenient Transportation Operations 

'the unban' digitalizes previously time-consuming and labor-intensive manual transportation tasks, enhancing the convenience of shippers' operations. Instead of the old inefficient communication methods, such as making phone calls every time to check the location of goods/vehicles, shippers can now easily access the real-time location and estimated arrival time through 'the unban' Web/App services. Features like one-click registration, which takes as little as 10 seconds, digital-based dispatch history management, and streamlined financial settlements can reduce resource allocation by up to a tenth of the previous levels.

A Beneficial Platform for Both Carriers and Shippers 

'the unban' showcases its 'Real-time Round-trip Transportation Service' that offers real-time round-trip transportation routes, leveraging advanced AI-based matching technology and optimal route finding. This service addresses the problem of carriers returning empty after a one-way delivery, thereby boosting the carriers' revenue. In the past, carriers had to call shippers or intermediaries directly to verify transportation details, send bills of lading via mail or email, and manually settle accounts over several days.

Now, with 'the unban,' they can quickly grasp all the necessary information for transportation, such as shipper details and freight charges. Introducing a digital transportation receipt and next-day automatic payment settlements minimizes the time spent on non-transportation tasks, creating an environment where carriers can focus solely on their deliveries. 


Benefits for Corporate Members of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

CJ Logistics offers various benefits to celebrate the grand opening of the 'the unban' digital transportation platform. Through a partnership agreement with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, nationwide corporate members using 'the unban' will enjoy various advantages, including reduced freight charges. This agreement reduces logistics costs for corporate members and enhances their operational efficiency through digital transportation services.

Marketing efforts will intensify as 'the unban' fully starts its operations. We are creating content that showcases the strengths and differentiators of 'the unban' and will actively communicate with shippers and carriers through the revamped 'the unban' website (, social media channels, and online communities. Through these communities, we plan to keenly understand the needs of shippers and carriers and proactively push for service improvements.


CJ Logistics aims to create a transportation market that satisfies shippers and carriers through the continuous enhancement and stable operation of 'the unban.' With its unparalleled logistics capabilities and cutting-edge technology, we are confident that 'the unban' will offer the next-level quality transportation service. 

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