CJ Logistics travels over 17,656km and transports 1763 tons super heavyweight plant equipment

- CJ Logistics started transporting 5 heavyweight plant equipment
- Starting from China’s Zhangjiagang, the company has to go through the maritime transport distance of 17,656km
- After unloading the equipment on the land, the company has to travel 2,089km eliminating obstacles alongthe way
- The company plans to use 220 modular…Starting on Sept. 23, it would take 3 months to arrive to its destination
-By cooperating with CJ SC and CJ ICM, CJ Logistics proves that it has the potential and basic capabilities to be the global top 5 logistics company

CJ Logistics started the 17,656km long logistics journey arranging a complicated transport of 5 heavyweightplant equipment that would take more than 3 months.

CJ Logistics announced that the company left China’s Zhangjiagang port on Sept. 23 to transport 2 catalystslurry hoppers and the total of 5 equipment that go into a GTL (Gas-To- Liquid) plant in Qarshi, Uzbekistan. Catalyst slurry hopper being 50.88 x 8.72 x 8.60 m in dimension & weighing 520 tons, was manufactured in China and going to be transported to Uzbekistan.The list also includes 2 separator drums with the dimension of 24.58 x 8.8 x 9.20 m & weighing 323 tons and DW Fractionator with the dimension of 39.8 x 6.0 x 5.78 m & weighing 77 tons.

This freight project is considered to be one of the longest and heaviest of all time. The distance from Zhangjiagangport to Qarshi, Uzbekistan is 17,656km and maritime transport distance is 15,567km. Starting from China, It has to go through the Suez Canal to arrive at the Mediterranean Sea. After entering the Black Sea, it has to move through the Volga-Don Canal and continueits voyage on the Caspian Sea. In order to go through the Volga-Don Canal the equipment needs to be switched to a barge. The company plans to transfer the equipment to a barge in mid-October at Constanta port and repeat the same process in November at Kurykport.

Inland transport process is more complicated. In order to transport 5 equipment including 520 tons catalystslurry hoppers, the company plans to use 220 hydraulic modular trailers. Because there are sensitive factors including the road conditions and altitude changes, the company is going to maintain the speed to around 30km and it would take about 1.5 months.

Inland transport requires elimination of obstacles. CJ Logistics has to reinforce the bridges to endure 520tons or build lateral bridges to pass through obstacles. The company estimates that this project is required to do additional civil engineering works to 10 bridges. The company already has started working on the bridges to complete the task before the equipmentarrive to the transshipment port. In addition, high voltage cables need to be removed and rewired along the way.

Because inland transport involves various complicated steps, it requires administrative support from the localgovernment and human networks.

CJ Logistics not only has technical abilities to perform a super heavyweight cargo transport project, but also has various connections and global networks through its local subsidiary companies. CJ Logistics cooperated with its subsidiary CJ Smart Cargo to load the equipment in Zhangjiagang, China. In Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, CJ Logistics also cooperated withCJ ICM that was acquired in 2017. CJ ICM’s headquarter is located in Dubai, but CJ ICM is known for its inland transport and project freight capabilities in Central Asia.

CJ Logistics said “By operating various freight projects, CJ Logistics was able to acquire valuable experiencesand global networks in 33 countries, 143 cities, and 262 worksites. This project proves that we have the potential and basic capabilities to be the global top 5 logistics company.”

On February, CJ Logistics successfully unloaded a main deck crane with the distance of 120m & weighing 3718tons. Last year, the company also successfully transported a 1650 tons ball tank at Ulsan port.

Uzbekistan Company Uzbekneftegaz invested 4.5 billiondollars on UGTL (Uzbekistan Gas-To-Liquid) plant. Hyundai Engineering is in charge of the overall construction and CJ Logistics is participating as a logistics company.

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