CJ Logistics Accelerates Advancement of its Hub Terminal by Nudging Technological Innovations

- Maximizing efficiency in a vast hub terminal with small innovations by nudging cutting-edge delivery technology in the delivery process.

자율주행 운송로봇 AMR이 전용 롤테이너에 도킹하고 있다.

CJ Logistics is making further upgrades in their delivery hub terminal, despite already being equipped with state-of-the-art automated systems, including an AI distribution system, intelligent scanners, and advanced automated conveyors, by nudging the latest innovations. Nudging technical innovations refers to innovations that will lead to big achievements and efficiency improvement by making small, flexible changes.

CJ Logistics today announced that they are spurring along technological innovation in their delivery hub terminal by introducing advanced automated facilities, such as unmanned transfer robots and an automatic inspection system, based on nudging technological innovation. As the volume of delivery has soared due to COVID-19 and the spread of eCommerce, the importance of advanced logistics facilities is similarly rising, including automated facilities and robots. In step with these changes, CJ Logistics is deploying diverse state-of-the-art technologies developed through the Technology, Engineering, System & Solution (TES) research institute.

Recently, CJ Logistics became the first company in the industry to introduce three AMRs and 15 AMR rolltainers (loading boxes) that carry small delivery boxes in the Gonjiam Hub Terminal, the largest delivery terminal in Asia. AMRs are transport robots that detect their surroundings using a diverse range of data collected via cameras and infrared sensors to move to the preset destination on their own. Due to the massive size of the hub terminal, workers often needed to move back and forth in the same area. AMRs take charge of this simple, iterative work and carry rolltainers to the designated area. In the past, people had to push the rolltainers as far as 20km but now, this is done by the AMRs.

The Daejeon Hub Terminal is testing a misclassification management system that can check parcels that have been misclassified with the wrong destination. The system detects the invoice on the parcel box using the scanner installed in each location. It then compares the data on the invoice and the system to see if they match. For example, when it finds that a package destined for Jung-gu, Seoul is misplaced in a truck headed to Mapo, it sounds an alarm with a warning signal. CJ Logistics expects to reduce the misclassification rate that currently stands at 0.1% now down to less than 0.01%, which is about 1/10 of the current figure.

A CJ Logistics official said, “We are upgrading the courier hub terminal to be able to efficiently handle the large volume of parcels that is increasing continuously. We plan to deploy more cutting-edge logistics technologies, such as AMR and misclassification management systems on site, by conducting numerous tests.”

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