TES CJ Logistics selected as a participant in a national project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Developing ‘logistics robots’ working like humans
2020. 06. 25

CJ Logistics selected as a participant in a national project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in Korea

Simple tasks are repeated many times from the piling up of delivery boxes to the unloading process. They are essential tasks that someone must do in the process of handling logistics, but they have used up a lot of energy. CJ Logistics has taken on a bold challenge to start a large R&D project for developing the so-called ‘logistics robot,’ which will improve work efficiency by doing the jobs that people find difficult to do.

CJ Logistics selected as a participant in a national project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in Korea
CJ Logistics was selected as a participant in a national project, i.e. the ‘project to develop the core technologies of the robot industry’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. On June 4, CJ Logistics entered into an electronic business agreement with the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology by signing the MOU agreement online.

According to this business agreement, CJ Logistics, SMEs and university organizations will jointly develop two technologies, i.e. ‘Development of the dry van unloading system using robots (the unloading automation technology)’ and ‘Development of the robot palletizing system for sorting the physical properties of the boxes that have various patterns and are supplied in random order (the robot palletizing technology).’

Developing the ‘unmanned’ technology that enables robots to handle the loading and unloading of boxes
Robots loading and unloading boxes in delivery trucks

The unloading automation technology means a system that recognizes various forms of cargo (boxes, vinyl pouches, gunny sacks, etc.) that are randomly piled up in trunk-line trucks and performs the picking and transport process. With STC Engineering serving as the lead agency, CJ Logistics and Sungkyunkwan University will jointly develop the robot system and decompressed gripper technology and finish developing them by December 31, 2024.

Robots loading parcels in the warehouse

The robot-palletizing technology uses robots and vision to handle simple jobs, i.e. loading boxes on pallets, in an unmanned approach, not manually. The aim is to increase the operating ratio of the sorter, and to operate the logistics center more efficiently. With CNI serving as the lead agency, Gachisoft, Sungkyunkwan University and CJ Logistics will carry out the project, and finish developing the algorithm and gripper technology, including the robot-palletizing system, by December 31, 2022.

Leading advanced logistics that enable people to work like humans
In this project, what is as important as technology development is to apply the developed technologies to sites. As the only logistics company among the participants in this national project, CJ Logistics is responsible for promoting the introduction of the system and equipment to sites after simulation in several logistics centers and field tests. In the future, these technologies will be introduced first to the logistics centers of CJ Logistics, and gradually to global parcel delivery businesses.


People have high hopes that this project will become the first case of successfully replacing intensive work in logistics centers using robots, whereas some people are afraid that robots may reduce jobs. “The automation technology will create quality jobs and enable people to do more productive work,” said Kim Gyeong-hoon, director of CJ Logistics TES Innovation Center about this. “We will create a logistics environment in which people are working like humans and very efficiently by realizing a logistics center in which people, robots and systems can coexist safely.”

Like this, as the largest logistics company in Korea, CJ Logistics is actively conducting R&D and pilot projects to lead the advanced logistics of the future. It will successfully finish this national project and contribute to innovating the logistics industry through robots. Be sure to keep watching the future growth of CJ Logistics!

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