TES Introducing the Future Technology Challengers who will Take us to the Next Level of Logistics
2022. 07. 06

CJ Logistics, an 'innovative technology company',
is drawing in the future of logistics beginning with young talent.
The four Future Technology Challengers have created the next level of logistics
by turning their imagination into reality.
CJ Logistics, an 'innovative technology company', is drawing in the future of logistics beginning with young talent.
The four Future Technology Challengers have created the next level of logistics by turning their imagination into reality.

‘WE DESIGN LOGISTICS’ is CJ Logistics’ brand slogan, depicting their ambition to always transform innovative ideas into reality and to create a new future for logistics. The key factor in becoming an innovative tech company is the ability to discover and train talented people.

CJ Logistics has made various efforts to seek out young people who will create the future of logistics. The Future Technology Challenge, an innovation technology contest held every year, is just one example.

The ‘CJ Logistics Future Technology Challenge,’ was first held last year with about 200 groups participating in areas including AI, big data, and software. Among the outstanding pool of participants, there were 10 winning teams. Many of the winners joined CJ Logistics soon after and introduced their journeys with the company below.



So-yeon Park, IT PMO TEAM

In January 2022, law major Park So-yeon joined the IT PMO team. Law and IT technology seem unrelated at first glance, but Park So-yeon is truly an interdisciplinary talent. Wanting to apply new approaches to her analysis, she became interested in data analysis and looked for data-related classes. Park So-yeon soon discovered and applied for the Future Technology Challenge wanting to experience the application process. As we know today, she showcased her insights and skills beautifully, winning the challenge.

"The process of shaping and turning ideas into reality was not as easy as I thought. While participating in the Future Technology Challenge, I stayed up many nights, and I was lost a lot. But I am proud that I got such good results. Being able to enter the largest logistics company in Korea and challenge myself is a great reward for my efforts."

Park So-yeon had a lot of concerns and worried about whether participating in this challenge would be worthwhile because she was a non-major. However, she was faced with the thought that there would be no future without a challenge.

"If there is one thing that I really want to say to people who have the same concerns as me, it is ‘try without hesitation.' I also challenged myself, and I was given a valuable opportunity. I will draw a new logistics with my capabilities.”




Sung Jae-hoon, who won the Excellence Award at the 2021 Future Technology Challenge, is currently in charge of big data analysis and IT infrastructure optimization in the DT Infrastructure team at CJ Logistics. He completed the expert course for big data at the NIA (National Information Society Agency) during his college days. Then he applied for the Future Technology Challenge because he wanted to experience data analysis and apply his knowledge in real cases. In the Future Technology Challenge, his idea for demand forecasting using big data was well evaluated, and he was assigned to a related team at CJ Logistics.

“CJ Logistics is promoting digital transformation in all fields in logistics. The DT infrastructure team creates the foundation for digital transformation, and I want to play a role in creating and providing quality data as a data engineer.”

Sung Jae-hoon said he learned a lot from the experience in the Future Technology Challenge as an engineer. In particular, he realized that it is essential to find a clear subject and high-quality raw data to get good data analysis results.

The Future Technology Challenge was a valuable opportunity for engineers to learn practical applications and insights to utilize in the field. He shared special advice with future participants of the contest, saying that topic selection is very important.



Kim Ha-young of CJ Logistics’ facility IT team, who is in charge of automation facility planning and process optimization, took on the topic of ‘Efficiency in inventory management through flexible demand forecasting model’ in the 2021 Future Technology Challenge. She presented ideas that combine data analysis, demand forecasting, and logistics.

Kim Ha-young said that she had a hard time dealing with logistics data because it is not an area to easily access, but rather studied and worked hard in the new field with a positive mind.

"For me, logistics was a new field, but it was also an area where I discovered endless potential. In particular, demand forecasting is a very important area for the logistics industry. I am excited to imagine that I can create a future in logistics with my capabilities."

To the prospective participants of the CJ Logistics’ Future Technology Challenge, she also added, "I support you to find a new direction and try interesting things out of the existing framework."



Kim Sun-kyu came across the Future Technology Challenge when he was studying artificial intelligence and data. He applied because he believed he would be able to not only showcase his ideas using future logistics technologies such as AI, big data, and automation but also reduce the gap between his imagination and reality.

Kim Sun-kyu, who won the Excellence Award under the theme of ‘Prediction of Demand for Product Volume,’ is currently working for CJ Logistics' e-Commerce IT team. The e-Commerce IT team is building an IT-based e-Fulfillment system that is specialized in E-commerce. E-commerce is a very hot topic in the logistics industry, so it is an opportunity to gain dynamic and differentiated experiences.

"I want to continue to learn and challenge myself so that I can develop and expand my capabilities in CJ Logistics," said Kim Sun-kyu. He encouraged people who will participate passionately in the 2022 Future Technology Challenge to achieve good results and paint the future of logistics.



Future logistics competitiveness begins with high-tech capabilities. Beginning with the Future Technology Challenge, these four young talents are now building their capabilities as the future leaders of innovation at CJ Logistics. The process of addressing challenges, presenting creative insights, and trying to solve difficulties will be the foundation for creating a new path.

The Future Technology Challenge allowed us to meet bright individuals who bring great competitive drive and desire for innovation to CJ Logistics. This event will also be held in 2022 under the new theme: "Robots work like humans, see the future with data, and systems lead people." We are ready to explore innovative ideas in areas such as robotic facility simulation, delivery routing optimization in distribution centers, and mobile application development. CJ Logistics develops logistics insights and creates a future for logistics with talented people who will grow to the next level.

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