Business How to quickly and safely transport 449 thousand tons of stones
2019. 09. 03

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. With a rapid growth of younger generation and working population, Bangladesh is a land of opportunity where new industries are being created and upgraded. CJ Logistics is also taking a part with the fast-paced industrial development in Bangladesh.

A project to build a port for a coal-fired power plant in Matabari, Bangladesh, which began in October last year. Matarbari is 277km far from southeast of capital city Dhaka, located in the coastal area nearby Myanmar. The construction is underway through dredging and landfilling the route for the coal-fired power plant. It is to create a power plant site by blocking the ocean and creating routes, and improving land reclamation.

CJ Logistics is in charge of transporting 449 thousand tons of stones, which are the material used for port construction in this large-scale project that will continue until 2024. Can you imagine how heavy this weight is? It is equivalent to 70,000 elephants. Stones are essential material to block the sea and improve the ground. These stones are purchased from the coast of Pantai, Malaysia, about 2,300km far from Matabari, Bangladesh. To safely transport these various sizes of super heavy stones with different shapes and weights, 11 vessels including barges are used; it takes 18 months for the ocean transportation.

The project will have to go through Malaysia and Bangladesh, so it is important to have a thorough understanding of the local waterways, transport environment, terrain and weather condition between the two countries. In particular, Bangladesh has a rainy season with heavy rainfalls from May to September and transportation must be postponed for about 5 months considering the Monsoon period. For safety reasons, forecasting and the know-how of ocean transport as well as countermeasures based on local conditions are essential to project management.

CJ Logistics has an expertise in stevedoring and sea transportation services. We have designed the optimal route for the type and characteristics of the Bangladesh cargo and proposed optimally customized transporting solutions. CJ Logistics currently provides stable and reliable transporting services to ensure successful ferrying of raw materials, which are the basic materials of the construction.

CJ Logistics is building many global success stories through transportation projects in developing countries. CJ Logistics plans to expand the business into new global markets continuously. We hope your continued support on our amazing stories, which provide fast and safe transportation services in all areas of logistics sectors as we rapidly become a “Global SCM Innovator”.

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