Business DSC Logistics and CJ Logistics combine as one operating company in 2020
2020. 02. 12

DSC Logistics

DSC Logistics, CJ Logistics USA and CJ Logistics Canada have joined together under one combined operating company named CJ Logistics America, LLC. The company will be doing business as (dba) DSC Logistics in the US through 2020, with plans to rebrand as CJ Logistics starting in 2021.

DSC Logistics completed the transfer of majority ownership to CJ Logistics USA, a subsidiary of CJ Logistics based in Seoul, South Korea, back in August 2018. As of February 1, 2020, the company is wholly owned by CJ Logistics Holdings America Corporation.

Freight Forwarding will be a division under the combined company and the plan is to integrate Mexico operations soon as well. The company’s combined North American platform will include over 70 locations, including warehouses, transportation, freight forwarding and corporate offices, with a combined warehousing footprint of about 30 million square feet.

“Coming together as one company and brand aligns with our vision for a connected customer experience, integrated global solutions and accelerated innovation,” said Kevin Coleman, Chief Customer Officer. “We are excited to offer expanded solutions with CJ including cross-border operations, asset-based transportation, freight forwarding and a worldwide network. Of course the technology CJ brings is very exciting as well, and we are already piloting several applications of TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions) across our US network with some early successes. Our focus is on customer value creation and continuous improvement.”

The company’s integrated organizational structure combines leadership talent from both organizations. “One Future – One Team” was the theme of the annual meeting held recently at corporate headquarters in Des Plaines, Illinois. Leaders from both companies reflected on 2019 and recognized the efforts and results of the DSC-CJL team. They communicated the company’s strategic vision, key initiatives, goals and integration plans.

“Our shared commitment to excellence, integrity and people is at the heart of this journey,” said Ed Bowersox, CEO. “Our customers remain at the center of all we do, and we are excited about the opportunity to increase the value we provide for them.”

For more information, read the full press release.

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